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RE: Ticking Off The Pre-Flight Checklist ✔️ COVID Test In Downtown Paramaribo 😷


What surprised me is that here in Suriname they swab the back of your throat and then take the same swab and shove it up your nose.

Same here in the Philippines. I experience it many times hahahaha. There's also a saliva test where you "drain" your saliva to a tube. This is non-invasive but also expensive.

my family is already in the sky and I am here alone in Suriname. I miss my ladies dearly, this just sucks.

So sorry to hear this. I hope you'll be able to be with them real soon!

 6 days ago  

They've now landed safe and sound, so relieved to see they are back home and comfortable. I hope to be with them before 2022. I remember the shock on my wife's face when they shoved thing they removed from her mouth up her nose 😕.

 6 days ago  

OMG, it's supposed to be a different thing for the mouth and nose. Thats weird!

Glad to know that they are home safe! Im praying you guys will be together real soon!

 10 hours ago