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Welcome to the ASEAN Hive Community's "ASEAN Hiver Of The Week" post, where I (@justinparke) highlight one of our community members.

ASEAN Hiver Of The Week 👨‍💻
🤝 The Malaysian Engagement Sensation 🤝

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     If my memory serves me correctly, this is the second time I've featured @luueetang as ASEAN Hiver Of The Week, and it's for good reason. This man and his wife @janicetan are one of ASEAN Hive's most beloved couples, and I am quite fond of his posting style and content. He's still as super-duper engaged as he was the last time I featured him, and his generous support of this community through delegation doesn't go unnoticed.

     Whether cruising the streets of Miri, Malaysia, finding some delicious eats, or going on local adventures with his wife, his ability to post about a wide range of things keeps me ever-interested in the next post from this talented writer.

photo from @luueetang's post titled Chicken soup noodles

     He is still one of the most common names I see in the comments section of his fellow ASEAN Hivers' posts, and almost always with a longform thoughtful comment, truly an exemplary Hiver. We all love a good post payout, but a string of meaningful comments at the bottom of the post is often a sight just as welcome. Hivers like @lueeetang are what make this community thrive and feel like a home on Hive.

photo from @luueetang's post titled BORNEO JAZZ FESTIVAL IN MIRI

     As I usually do with these curations, I've featured a few of his most recent posts, and I encourage you to give a read if you find anything interesting, and do smash the upvote button if you like what you found. I am truly grateful and humbled to have this guy in out little Hive community, so all hail @luueetang!!

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 5 months ago  

Hi hi.. @justinparke thanks a lot for featuring me here.. wahahah.. This post tells me that I am getting older. It's a couple of months ago since getting featured. You were still in Suriname. Now it's mid 2022. Thanks for your kind words and commentary.. =) I guess, my experience as a teacher has helped shaped my personality in a way. I was a really impatient and had anger issues a long time ago until I became a teacher. haha... It's great to see @asean.hive going up up up.. =) It's a matter of time before Hive goes up again... =)

 5 months ago  

Yep, you are getting Hive-old when you've been ASEAN Hiver of The Week twice 😅. Similar experiences, becoming a teacher and also attending a wilderness guiding/leadership college, I became more more patient and calm in stressful situations.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for the crypto market and HIVE, I got to finish this Airbnb cabin.

 5 months ago  

Congratulations to @luueetang, who was selected as ASEAN Hiver of The week, a friendly Hiver friend I know in our small community, and when presenting content the theme is often about traveling to a place while trying a food and drink. Very pleasant...

 5 months ago  

Hi hi.. @abizahid thanks bro . I have seen your votes on my post. I will find some time to read your post when I am free.. =) hehehe.. Sometimes super busy.. Welcome to Asean Hive and just keep posting and never give up ... =) The key to success.. I guess..

 5 months ago  

It is my pleasure, thanks for the good advice my friend 🙏

 5 months ago  

I think I made a good choice this week, he's such a treasured member of ASEAN Hive, and brings a lot of good vibes to the comments section.

Hear Hear! @luueetang rocks! He has so many interesting things to say about Miri when he tiki tours around with his wife. And the food. And the coffee. And the ..... no need to say more. Fabulous choice @justinparke !

 5 months ago  

hi hi... @watusiwoman Thank you very much.. hahaha.. I have learnt a new word.. Tiki tours.. hahaha.. thanks a lot for posting your tortoise videos.. I also do enjoy reading your post a lot.. beautifully shot and written as a reading masterpiece.

Haha tiki tours is a common phrase to use in Australia. What started out as an actual tour company is a phrase now used by everyone when you do your own tour of a place. Thanku for the lovely compliment about my post 😍

 5 months ago  

There are tons of Aussies in Cambodia, as you probably already know. Well, this reminds me of one of my former lives in Cambodia, where I used my restaurant experience and Khmer language skills to teach English courses to guesthouse/hotel staff, and also improve communication/workflow between foreign managers and Khmer employees.

Some of the best laughs I had were with the staff of an Aussie-owned backpacker guesthouse. The Khmer kitchen crew spoke no English, but when I began teaching kitchen vocabulary, they stared at me with blank eyes. The stove was the cooker, the cooler an eskie, and just about every American English name of anything in the kitchen, they had already learned the OZ name.

Haha, yep us Aussies sure are good with the slang words. You can always pick a foreigner here by the bemused look on their faces when they try and follow a conversation.

 5 months ago  

Congratulations @luueetang ! Gotta give this post a full vote so it can boost its payout a little 🤘

 5 months ago  

Hi hi.. bro.. sorry for being late. I was too busy and felt exhausted a couple of days ago.. Thank you very much for your kind boost..

 5 months ago  

We may not have large numbers of Malaysians in ASEAN Hive, but what you all lack in number, you make up for tenfold in quality.

 5 months ago  

All hail to bro ~ 😁😁

 5 months ago  

Thanks .. keep it up with your vlog.. quite interesting to watch.. =) honestly.. I think your good at what you do. Just a matter of time before you get monetize and have 1k subs.

 5 months ago  

Thank you for the compliment and encouraging my bro. Haha still learning in progress bro. Yours are good too. Can't wait to pay you a visit and vlog with you bro.

 5 months ago  

I didn't realize he was a fellow YouTuber as well.

 5 months ago  

He's more active recently.. He explores Bangkok... 😀😀😀😀

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