ASEAN Hiver Of The Week ✈️ @noopu 🗾 Thailand To Japan, Travel, Food, Culture, & More!!

Authored by @justinparke


Welcome to the ASEAN Hive Community's "ASEAN Hiver Of The Week" post, where I (@justinparke) highlight one of our community members.

Thai Hiver On The Move

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     This week's featured ASEAN Hiver is from Thailand, but she spends (I think) the majority of her time in Japan. On her blog you'll find find a mix of content from both places, featuring the food, culture, sites, and everyday life of both countries. She was actually one of our earliest delegators, but she didn't originally post or engage too much on Hive back then, I assume from a very busy lifestyle.

     In recent months she's found some free-time to commit to Hive, and she's been posting interesting content, engaging with other Hivers, and even upped her @asean.hive delegation, something that is greatly appreciated, helps to boost Southeast Asian content on Hive, and provides a crucial supplemental income to many working-class ASEAN Hiver families. Whether she's sharing street food in Thailand, walking through rice fields, hanging out with Japanese friends, or even showing the skyscrapers of Kobe, she always provides an interesting read.

     This ASEAN Hiver posts in various communities, so be sure to visit her blog directly if you don't want to miss any high-grade content. She's a valued member of this community, so I encourage you to go have a look for yourself if you haven't yet, and if you find something you like, don't be afraid to smash the upvote button. Give thanks @noopu for all the value and positivity you bring to the ASEAN Hive Community .

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ᴅᴇʟᴇɢᴀᴛᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀsᴇᴀɴ.ʜɪᴠᴇ
ᴅᴇʟᴇɢᴀᴛᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀsᴇᴀɴ.ʜɪᴠᴇ
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 last year  

Wow, thank you for featuring me! It really means a lot. With this kind of encouragement I'll probably post and engage even more now.

 last year  

It is my pleasure and an honor. I've tried to make engagement a priority in this community, and it has made many Hive-shy ASEANs get the encouragement to keep posting and improving. There is just so much interesting content in this community, and I love most of all seeing my Cambodian family learn more about ASEAN cultures, food, and people through this blockchain.

Thanks for being an outstanding ASEAN Hiver.

Sawasdee Khrap Khun @noopu, I hope you are doing well in this crazy time. I wish you the best

 last year  

She's awesome isn't she? I love posts from ASEANs abroard and foreigners living in SE Asia. New perspectives are always good.

Yes, She is! She was part of our Thai community in Steemit before and I've tried to help her when something happens from bad users. We will say to all Thais and Lao users to post from Asean Hive Community and also keep the #thai tag.

 last year  

That is fine, just so long as users remember to follow community guidelines like including English, post body 250+ minimum word minimum, etc.

Cheers my friend.

 last year  

Yes, she is knowledgeable and has been on the blockchain for a long time.

 last year  

She is, and most of all I love reading her content.

 last year  

Hai @noopu :). Good to have you in this community :).

 last year  

Yes, when she has time for Hive, she always impresses me with her content.