King for a Day


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Traditional rituals are one part of the wedding procession that is still carried out today and, of course, vary in each region. Likewise, Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia that became a trending topic due to the deadliest natural disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami in 2004.

Locals compare the joy of this customary ceremony to having the title of "king" for the day—a reference to the groom. Other joys are also represented by a procession from the groom's family when they accompany the groom to the bride's residence. This ritual must be carried out by bringing several conditions as a gift to the prospective bride and groom. Usually, young coconuts are a necessity and are still carried out from generation to generation. Other souvenirs are packaged in containers designed in the shape of traditional houses, decorated with trinkets in striking colors.

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I almost forgot to add something else: another prerequisite is a sequence of betel leaves arranged in a certain way. Specifically, this series of betel leaves has a dynamic shape based on the individual's beliefs. One of the accessories for traditional men's apparel is a men's hat, which is a collection of betel leaves as seen on the groom in the accompanying photo.

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As time passes, modern patterns begin to infuse this set of customary rites. Among them is the existence of gifted speakers in their domains. The energy of this customary rite can be dramatized by this figure. (My interpretation at the time this was captured)

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With the bride and groom marching down the aisle like kings and queens and their bridesmaids surrounding them, I think this is the highlight of the celebrations. When they saw them coming, they cheered and took sure steps toward their throne. "King for a day", that title was given to them.

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After the bride and groom are confirmed to be at the altar, the extended family and groomsmen are invited by the bride's host to taste the dishes that have been prepared previously.

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The traditional wedding ritual ends with a group photo as proof that this series of events is sacred and important to be remembered for all time.

Happy wedding! Your happiness has been immortalized here and will last forever.

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This moment was immortalized at the wedding of one of my relatives

Thanks for taking the time. Hopefully useful and entertained of course! This pictures taken with Canon EOS 6D camera + lens 70-300 & 50mm.

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