One Product, Many Benefits


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This jewelry product is quite easy to find here. Made from wood, this popular jewelry is dominated by rings and bracelets, and there are also those that are specifically designed as tools that are often used by Muslims, namely tasbih bracelets. All of these products are often sold in shopping centers that are frequently visited by visitors.

This jewelry vendor claims that he imports his goods from Turkey and various regions of Egypt, which are located outside of the city. Since this jewelry is allegedly marketed as a health accessory, a lot of customers—including me, who adores ring and bracelet accessories—are interested in learning more about it.

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Kokka is the name of a tree that is often spoken here, or it could be other names in certain areas. (Hopefully, friends of this community can mention other names in the comments column.) It is from the wood of this tree that this jewelry product comes from. What's unique is that it's not just wood; the fruit from this tree is also often used as accessories, as seen in the picture.

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One by one these kokka wood products did not escape my camera's shots in an effort to provide information about the culture of the people here with their choice of types of jewelry, both as alternative medicine and just mere accessories like me.

10 IMG_6662 copy.jpg

11 IMG_6653 copy.jpg

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As previously mentioned, a tasbih bracelet (made of kokka wood) is a unique design for a tool that Muslims frequently employ in performing worship rites. This may be seen in the following image:

14 IMG_6661 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, other products made from kokka wood are in the form of rings with various colors. One of my favorite colors, and the tasbih beads with the star pendant I bought as a thank you, as well as to the seller who was willing to be interviewed for a moment about the Kokka Tree and its jewelry products.

15 IMG_6659 copy.jpg

16 IMG_6654-2 copy.jpg

18 IMG_6669 copy.jpg

"One Product, Many Benefits" is the closing sentence in this cross-ASEAN community post. Sorry for the shortcomings in narrating this moment, and I appreciate your attention. I hope it's both fun and helpful.

See you in the next post! Brotherly Greetings.
This pictures taken with Canon EOS 6D camera + 50mm Lens.

By @ichsannanda (nandaalbintang).


beautiful end product my friend. lovely shots as well.
I wonder how much will it be for the bracelet.

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 2 months ago  

Thank you so much for your attention.
Glad you like it.
For bracelets with pendants, the price is Rp. 120,000.

 2 months ago  
Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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You're welcome and thanks also for the curation. I appreciate it
Greetings from Indonesia!!!