🪰 Giant Cicadas, Regular-Sized Guavas, & A Cassava Living Fence Project 👷‍♂️



A giant cicada has been flying circles around our light bulb for about five days, and has smashed its head thousands of time in the process.

Cicada Suicide 🪰


     For many nights I could hear this hand-sized cicada flying around the interior of our house, only stopping its endless circular flight for a few minutes at a time after crashing into the wall or household items. After smashing into oblivion all night long, this little guy was physically exhausted, so each morning I'd place him outside our house. Each night it returned to destroy itself, apparently hellbent on suicide by blunt force trauma, finally successful on day 4.

Ladybug Rollercoaster 🎢


     I didn't intend this to be an insect post, but after I photographed the dead cicada, I noticed this little ladybug flapping in the wind, riding the leaf of this pea eggplant bush like a buckin' bronco. I was able to get one host when the wind stopped for a few seconds. Considering the scale, it would be similar to a giant lifting my house off the ground and shaking it with me still inside.

First Guavas 🌿


     A short guava tree behind our house has finally begun bearing fruit, even if only a couple so far. The tree is not in good soil, but regardless, guava trees can produce fruit when the trees are still very young. I was pruning our trees the other day and forgot about this one until I went to go check on the cassava.


     These two cute little fruits could be harvested and eaten, but I'd like to leave them a little longer because they are low and shielded from the view of birds that might want a bite or two.

Project Cassava Fence 👷‍♂️


     It's hard to see from the photo, but a while back I built a small raised mound of dirt to mark our property line. We then planted cassava on this raised mound, and I'd like to see if I can weave the plants into a living fence as they grow. It's just an experiment, but I saw a beautiful example of a living cassava fence online, and if it works I'd like to repeat this on other areas of our property.


Monkey B
 2 years ago  

talking about this one cricket, or the one you showed, yes it is really noisy,, especially if we catch it, diyat da'wah is noisy again, but I remember when I was a child, my grandfather said if the cricket is noisy, you press only the ass he will definitely not be noisy anymore,,

the second one talks about the little ladybug, we very often find it playing on eggplant leaves, that's where we often encounter and various types we can see the little ladybug, if you take a picture with an extreme macro lens, maybe the picture will look more stunning,

and the last one is talking about guava,, in the picture it looks like the guava fruit is not ripe, maybe in about a month you can pick the guava and you can eat it, but I noticed the guava tree is still very small, who knows the guava fruit is the first fruit released by the guava stem,, and even then if I'm not mistaken.....??

 2 years ago  

Those cicadas are so loud, and all of them here are so big, it's incredible. The ladybug was hard to capture because the wind was blowing so strong. I should've made a GIF because it looked like it was hanging on for dear life 😁. I hope to have a macro lens one day, I'd like to experiment, but my phone will not focus on very close objects, so I experiment with bokeh and other techniques.

How do you like to eat guava? We always eat them before they are ripe and with a little salt and chili. It seems if you leave them to ripen on the tree, a bird or rat always comes to get them 🍐🐀.

I really like this one animal on the other hand I also really hate the sound of crickets,When I was little I used to look for where this noise was coming from and it turned out that the sound was coming from this cricket and I caught it, but now the sound of these crickets is rarely heard even I have very rarely encountered this one animal.

 2 years ago  

The cicadas are very loud sometimes, but luckily the sound of the river make it hard to hear. It seems like all the insects are 10x bigger than the rest of Cambodia here, a sign the forest is very healthy.

 last year  

Ladybug could be a guy 🤣 but I had that fancy too since I was young. I put down my hand and blow a row of ants and they don't know what to do.ans the whole line stopped 🤣 I have always been imagining what is their experience. Is that god's hand?

 last year  

I was just on the squat toilet this morning, and to stay entertained I blew on ant, it ran away, perhaps told its friends, not sure. They all touched heads and went different ways, perhaps sharing the hot gossip.

 2 years ago  

Cicadas are interesting creatures and I tend to enjoy them because you only ever hear them when you are somewhere quiet. That being said, if there are too many of them, it can be deafening. Here in the city, we never have these guys. They must not like all the noise of traffic beeping horns.

 2 years ago  

They are deafening at times, but I think all things eventually become background noise. I can't even call friends in the USA at night apparently because the insect noises overwhelm the microphone. I think we have subconsciously muted a lot of sounds, but the first week here was sensory overload.

It's the noisiest insect I've ever encountered so far, even if you touch it a little, it will make a very noisy sound, it even became one of my toys when I was a child with my friends because of its very loud voice.

 2 years ago  

This one was strong, its body bigger than most hummingbirds I've seen. I think it died from smashing its head on the light bulb for 5 nights 🤕.

It's very sad to hear the song but that's the cycle of life because of course it can happen even to humans like that.

 2 years ago  

I also have a guava tree at home, it has produced good guavas. Fruits from houseplants are great to eat.

 2 years ago  

We like to eat the guava unripe with chili and salt, how do you like to eat yours? Do you ever make pickled guava? I have never tried it, but I like to make lime, gooseberry, and pickled chilies.

I have never seen such a large cicada! 😮 Is that size common there, or was it an anomaly?

 last year  

There are small ones too, but oversized insects are just as common here, I guess a sign of a healthy forest. The grasshoppers and katydids are even bigger.

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