Visit Nam Roo, a tourist attraction and natural water source on the mountain, Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Hello everyone.😊 Fang District, Chiang Mai Province is a large rural district in the northern of the province. This district is where my family and I live. In addition to having many beautiful temples, this district also has many shady natural tourist attractions. For example, Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park, hot springs, waterfalls, many viewpoints or tourist attractions on the mountain and other natural water sources. In this post, I will introduce and take everyone to see the natural water sources which are another tourist attraction in this district. This natural attraction is called Nam Roo.

Nam Roo is a natural water source, which is a natural source of water from underground. Nam Ru can be visited all year round because it is in the area of ​​Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park. It was established as a natural tourist attraction in A.D. 1998. And there are park officials to take care of tourists. But mostly local people like to visit Nam Roo during the summer. Around March and April, many people visit this place. And in the rainy season and winter, there will be very few tourists.

Nam Roo is located in the area of ​​Suan Cha Village, Mon Pin Subdistrict, Fang District. If friends journey from Mueang Chiang Mai District to Fang District, you must journey on Highway 107. And journey from Fang District Office about 14 kilometers west to Nam Roo.

This Nam Roo trip, I went with my wife to relax with nature during the rainy season last month. This trip, my wife drove from our house to Nam Roo (Distance approximately 29 kilometers). Because I want to take photos of the atmosphere while journey too. Let's start our journey, Let's go.


We journey on a rural road from our village to highway 107 first. Then journey on highway 107 to a rural road in Mon Pin Subdistrict to Nam Roo.
On the rural road before entering Mon Pin Subdistrict. We will see an arch which is the symbol of Mon Pin Subdistrict. When passing through this arch, it will be the area of ​​Mon Pin Subdistrict.

When entering Mon Pin Subdistrict on the way to Nam Ru, there are signs pointing the way.

The rural roads in Mon Pin Subdistrict are natural roads. We will see villages with many green areas along the way to Nam Roo. And we will see many mountains along the way too.
Most of the local villagers are farmers. Local farmers in this subdistrict farming on both plains and hills. Most of which are rice fields and orange orchards.
Me and my wife enjoyed and relaxed when we see these natural before reaching Nam Roo. And I took pictures some of the atmosphere on this rural road before reaching Nam Roo. Take a look.
IMG_20231024_092147.jpg Along the way on a rural road in Mon Pin Subdistrict.
IMG_20231024_085622.jpg The some farms in Mon Pin Subdistrict.
IMG_20231024_092825.jpg Traveling on a road in the mountains, Close to Nam Ru, there is a forest on the mountain.

When we reached Nam Roo, we see a large name sign.

Passing this name sign, there is a large house which is the office of the Doi Pha Hom Pok park officer. Which is responsible for taking care and a visitor center.

The highlight of this place is the large pond on mountain. The water in this pond is underground water. This large pond can be used for swimming and play in the water. But most local people popular to play in the water in the summer. On that day, so there were no tourists playing in the water. But people will sit and relax in that area.

In addition, inside the Nam Roo there is a stream too. Natural stream with clear water and many fishs. During the summer, we can see many children and people playing in the stream.

The Nam Roo area is a forest on the mountain, but officials have developed it into a park mixed with forest to serve as a tourist attraction. Additionally, It is also a place to host activities or camps for scouts and girl scouts.

On the mountain, where Nam Ru is located. we could see the surrounding scenery and the area below. But that day (rainy season) the plants were overgrown. So we only see some of the surrounding scenery. I think if we visited during the summer, we would see more beautiful surrounding scenery.

It took us about 2 hours to enjoy and relax with nature at Nam Roo and go our home. And I took pictures some of the atmosphere on the rural road near Nam Roo to share with everyone again. Take a look.

These are the stories and photos I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

🌏 Nam Roo is located, Mon Pin Subdistrict, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

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