Visit Wat Si Wiang, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Hello everyone. 😊 This post, I take everyone to see another temple in the north of Thailand. Most northern Thai temples have their own identity and artistic style. It's called Lanna. And Lanna is an ancient kingdom in the past in the northern of Thailand. There are a unique, art, culture and tradition that is called Lanna today. This post is also a temple in Chiang Mai. Province where I live now. This temple is located in Mae Ai District. The northernmost district of Chiang Mai. This temple is called Wat Si Wiang. Wat Si Wiang is an old temple built in A.D. 1920 or 103 years ago. This temple is the temple of Huai Pa Sang village, Mae Sao Subdistrict.

Me and my wife had the opportunity to visit this temple coincidentally. That day we had errands to do in Chiang Rai. We traveling through Mae Ai District to get to this province. Along Highway 107 we saw a sign with the name of the temple. The name plate of the temple is made of wood. Looks simple and doesn't outstanding.

The entrance to the temple has a large entrance arch. This entrance arch is made of bricks plastered with cement. Even though the entrance arch looks old but the stucco pattern still looks beautiful.

The Wat Si Wiang has 2 areas. When we walk through the large entrance arch, we see the large courtyard, which is the first area of the temple. This area has many large trees and three small pavilions. Inside each pavilion are beautiful sculptures.

The first pavilion has three sculptures of monks.

The second pavilion has a three-headed serpent sculpture. Behind the serpent sculpture is a stucco pattern Ganesh and angels.

The third pavilion has a sculpture of buddha.

When we walked through the first area and various pavilions. We see the temple wall before we entered the second area. On the pillar of the temple wall between the left and right entrances is a sculpture of the lions. The lion sculpture at this temple has the face like a giant.

Around the temple wall, there are two small giant sculptures too.

When walking into the second area. We will see the large buddha image hall (viharn) of the temple. When me and wife see the buddha image hall (viharn) for the first time, we were immediately fascinated. The various stucco patterns of the buddha image hall (viharn) are combined perfectly and beautifully. We see Lanna style stucco patterns, angels stucco patterns and Journey to the West (Sai-iw) of China stucco patterns.

On the railing of the stairs leading up to the buddha image hall (viharn) is a sculpture of the 3-headed serpent. And area the stairs there is a small arch, which has a beautiful stucco pattern. Additionally, there are two giant sculptures on either side of the stairs.

Behind the buddha image hall (viharn) is a large color gold pagoda. The square shaped pagoda (overlapping squares) with a bell-shaped top. In addition, the foundation of the pagoda is square and white with stairs leading up on 3 sides. And on the stairs rail, there is the serpent sculptures.

Near the pagoda there is a small pavilion. Inside a small pavilion there is a sculpture of a buddha image.

In addition, the temple also has a sculpture of a birthday buddha. And along the side of the buddha image hall (viharn) are a large gong and many bells.

These are the architecture and sculptures in this temple I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

🌏 Wat Si Wiang is located in Mae Sao Subdistrict, Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

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