Visit Wat Thung Chamlong, Chiang Mai, Thailand with my family.



Hello everyone.😊 Early month, I took my wife and daughter to a Yunnan Chinese village in our district. It is located deep on a rural road. On the way we passed many villages. One of those villages is ThungLook Village. When we passed this village. We thought of this village temple. This temple is called Wat Thung Chamlong. This temple is another beautiful and worth visiting temple in our district. Me and my wife had only been to this temple once, a long time ago. But our daughter has never been to this temple. So we wanted to take our daughter to visit and pay respect to the buddha statue in the temple first.

Wat Thung Chamlong is located in Thung Look Village, Mae Ngon Subdistrict, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province. Brief history of this temple. There is no information on when Wat Thung Chamlong was built. But this temple was allowed to be established as a temple in the year A.D. 1930 or 93 years ago. And this temple received royal granting of the land to the particular temple by announcing in royal decree in 1969 or 54 years ago.

IMG_20231103_091115.jpg The atmosphere of the journey before reaching the temple.

When we arrived at Wat Thung Chamlong. We immediately walked around this temple. Certainly, this temple impressed and fascinated us. And I think everyone who likes temples will like this temple with us. It's time to take everyone to see the atmosphere in the temple. Let's go.

Highlight 1 : The large temple entrance arch. This entrance arch is made of white painted cement. Between the left and right entrance arches are two white elephant sculptures. The elephant sculpture is as large as a person. Look at the size of the daughter and wife with the white elephant sculptures in the photo.

Near the entrance arch is the name of the temple. The temple has no name plate, The name of the temple is in simple letters.

When we walk through the arch and enter the temple, there is a large garden with many trees.

Highlight 2 : When walking deeper through the temple garden. The ordination hall (ubosot) of the temple. This ordination hall (ubosot) of the temple is made of wood painted brown, built and decorated in the original Lanna style. Looks outstanding with a clear original Lanna style identity.

Highlight 3 : The buddha image hall (viharn) of the temple. This temple is built from cement plastered bricks painted white and decorated with Lanna style patterns as well. But I think the buddha image hall (viharn) looks more modern than the ordination hall (ubosot). On the railing of the buddha image hall (viharn), there are sculptures of two serpent.

Area front of the buddha image hall (viharn) and the ordination hall (ubosot), there is a pavilion of former abbot and a large elephant sculpture.

The area to the side and back of the buddha image hall (viharn) has a large lawn. In the lawn area, there will be the monk's house, a dhamma practice building and the buddha statue with 2 dragon sculptures.

These are the stories and atmosphere in Wat Thung Chamlong I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

🌏 Wat Thung Chamlong is located in Mae Ngon Subdistrict, Fang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

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