Wat Hua Na, Fang District, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The small temple in the countryside.



Hello everyone. Yesterday I shared natural tourist attractions in Mon Pin Subdistrict, Fang District (the district where I live). And this post, I will share and take everyone to visit the temple in Mon Pin Subdistrict. The subdistrict is surrounded by nature and mountains. The temple that I take everyone to visit in this post is called Wat Hua Na. Wat Hua Na is far from Nam Roo. (Natural tourist attractions that I shared yesterday) approximately 5 kilometers. So we can go to both places in one day.

Brief information about this temple. Wat Hua Na is a small temple. There is no information on when this temple was built. But this temple was allowed to be established as a temple in A D. 1940 or 82 years ago.

This trip, I went with my wife, just the two of us again. Because the kids went to school. But I went to Wat Hua Na on a different day than Nam Roo. We just went to Wat Hua Na a few days ago. And we journey from our house to this temple, a distance of approximately 23 kilometers. Throughout our journey, we journey on rural roads and highway. But I will share the atmosphere of journey on chiang mai rural road 3059 in Mon Pin Subdistrict before see the atmosphere in the temple.

IMG_20231121_125532.jpg The atmosphere of journey on chiang mai rural road 3059 in Mon Pin Subdistrict.

IMG_20231121_125840.jpg The atmosphere of the rural road 3059 area front of the temple.

When we arrived at Wat Hua Na. The location of Wat Hua Na is located on a low hill. And we see the large temple entrance arch first. This arch is made from wood in the original Lanna style. And on the left and right sides of the temple entrance arches are sculptures of lions.

The area outside the temple near the temple entrance arch. There is a large temple name tag on the left and a sculpture of goddess of mercy (Quan Yin) on the right.

Inside the temple there is a small buddha image hall (viharn). This buddha image hall (viharn) is built from bricks plastered with cement and painted white. The buddha image hall (viharn) is decorated with white Lanna style stucco patterns. This buddha image hall (viharn) is therefore almost entirely white.

The serpent sculptures on the railings of the buddha image hall (viharn) entrance stairs on the left and right are decorated with white stucco patterns as well.

Inside the buddha image hall (viharn), the walls are in a simple white style with many paintings about buddhism.
The main buddha image in this buddha image hall (viharn) is a color gold buddha image in the attitude of meditation, looking beautiful.

Near the buddha image hall (viharn) there are buildings for religious ceremonies of monks and local villagers. The inside of the building is decorated with buddhist paintings as well.
The main buddha image is a buddha image in the attitude of subduing mara. And there are many buddha images in the attitude of subduing mara and buddha images in the attitude of meditation in the building.

The temple area also has many buddha statues. But I only photographed one buddha statue. Because I was enjoying the cloth lanterns and various flags decorated in the temple until I forgot to take pictures of other buddha statues.

This week until Monday, Nov. 27, Wat Hua Na is decorating the temple with many small lanna-style cloth lanterns and small triangular flags for the Loy Krathong Festival or Yee peng Lanna Festival (Northern tradition). And the highlight of the Lanna style cloth lantern decoration at this temple is a Lanna style cloth lantern that is much larger than a person. Of course me and my wife enjoyed these decorations in the temple.

This temple does not have a pagoda and ordination hall (ubosot). These are the stories and atmosphere in Wat Hua Na I want to share for this post. Invite everyone to watch and enjoy my stories and photos. Have a great day. See you next time. Thank you for your support and visiting my post. Bye 🤗

🌏 Wat Hua Na is located in Mon Pin Subdistrict, Fang District, Thailand.

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It is really interesting to see Buddhist temple. The architecture and design are so unique.

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