Traveling and seeing the atmosphere on the side of the road and in the city of KL



Hello everyone.
How are you? Are you well? I hope everyone is healthy and happy in their daily lives. Two days ago, my husband and I traveled to KL city to go to the Thai Embassy and Consulate to pick up our passports that we had made 2 weeks ago.
It takes almost an hour and a half to get there. Today is a weekday, not Saturday and Sunday, so there's not much traffic. The sun is quite hot today. As a result, I was able to take satisfying pictures of the atmosphere on both sides of the road and in the city of KL.
The state I live in is quite a bit far from the capital city of Kl. Throughout the distance traveled, I was able to see many beautiful views. For example, a palm garden where the trees are just right and form long rows. If we look from the high side, we can see the orderliness of the palm trees. Or even a road with tall trees providing shade in spots. Here, most of it is a flat area with mountain foothills interspersed with each other. Wherever there are mountains, there are many houses and a good atmosphere. Locations around there are quite expensive.









We've arrived in KL city. In this city, on both sides of the road there are large trees that provide shade. I had understood that the capital would be crowded with people walking around. But actually there are hardly any people. The roads look clean and the trees provide shade. There are many tall buildings. When I look at it and compare it with the capital of Thailand, I think it looks very peaceful. Because in the capital of Thailand, there are quite a lot of traffic, traffic jams on the roads, and there aren't as many large trees to provide shade. And this is seeing things in different countries and cities is another experience for me.

Thank you to all my friends who stopped by to read the article and look at the photos I have shared today. I hope everyone is happy and enjoying it. And thank you to everyone who has always followed and supported me.
Thank you very much.


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Yes..everyone is struggling to earn money to support their family.

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