Beautiful and Sublime Sunday - Wedding Preparation

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Last Thursday night surprisingly one man want to win the heart of my employer's daughter. The intensed feeling of the proposal was overwhelming. The girl was just graduated her architect course and now someone want to be her groom soonest. He is a member of Saudi Army. My boss can't decide it for their daughter so they allow to met for 5 minutes to give free intuition about their both feelings. I front of my boss, two son of boss were there and my girl decided to accept the good intention of the man. That was the first step of asking the hand of the lady from a man here in Saudi Arabia. If the girl doesn't agree, the proposal must stop.



The house was lighted for the second part of the marriage proposal because the girl felt she like the man.

The following day, the man and my boss talked about the venue and the expenses and the money to give to the bride. As far as I knew, the wedding will be next year. After the talk, there was a dinner between the male visitors and female family or clan of my boss. It was only for the boys visitors.

The desert and sweets for coffee.

Watching the cctv when the car of the groom to be arrival.
Selfie after the cleaning and arrangement of everything.

The lavatory was shining but after the dinner every place so messy, burden of the housemaid🤣🤣🤣.

Feeling like a bride-to-be🤣🤣🤣.

The flowers and organic perfume(plant)

This is the fragrant plants that give fragrance all over the room and sala.

The best and beauty for the #beautifulsunday is the red roses given by the groom last night when he visited his bride-to-be.

That's all about the wedding proposal party and stay tune for the next update.

Thank you to all your support.




Love the nice red car of the groom.

I hope the event goes well

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Amen! It will happen but housemaid will be the tired one.

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Happy Sunday nay Deevi! Parang ayos yung pamamanhikan dyan ah!

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Sobra pa sa ayos dong pero katulong napapagod hahahaha. Ink enjoy ko lang sa picture picture

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Thank you @asean.hive

Hey @asean.hive, here is a little bit of BEER from @olivia08 for you. Enjoy it!

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