Attending Meetup & Hackathon, But Volunteerism Caught My Attention

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Last November 18, 2023, I was invited to attend a crypto gathering here in Davao City, Philippines, featuring a BUIDL Camp Meetup and a Hackathon. The event was organized by a volunteer group, Davao DeFi Community (DDC), in coordination with ICP.Hub Philippines and DevCon Davao City.

The event was held at the Bajada Suites, Bajada, Poblacion, Davao City. Fellow Hive user Rafael accompanied me to cover the event for my website,

ICP Hub.jpeg

Although I have been absent for the past few months since I started writing a long-form blog here on Hive in March 2023 due to some commitments, I will try to post some of my activities regarding Hive and DBuzz now.

My long-form writing may not be visible in the blockchain. Still, I'm always present in the short-form content by regularly sharing my insights on DBuzz and attending the What's Up DBuzz Podcast hosted by @guruvaj every Sunday evening.

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It was not my first time writing some long-form blogs because I was introduced to the legacy chain in 2019, but I could post only two articles and just came back in 2023, with the encouragement of Chris Rice (@chrisrice), the founder of DBuzz.

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Meeting Friends and Crypto Community Members

During the ICP BUIDL Meetup and Hackathon held in Davao City, I met some of the most prominent personalities in the crypto space here in Mindanao, including Blockchain Network Philippines (BNP) CEO Ken Berey and ICP.Hub Philippines co-founder Nelson Lumbres. I also met DvCode Technologies CEO Elie Rabadon, DevCon representatives, and the volunteers of DDC and NFT Davao, headed by Sir Ruben Lacumba.

(L-R: DDC Volunteer, ICP's Nelson Lumbres, Me, & DevCon Representatives)

We enjoyed conversing with the event organizers, the DDC Team, and Nelson Lumbres from ICP, but most of the time was spent discussing the crypto activities in Mindanao that involved students from various universities.

Ken Berey, a close friend with whom I worked earlier at an event at a secondary school here in Davao, is also interested in working with the students from different universities who attended the meetup and Hackathon.

As the President of the Mindanao Blockchain Association, Ken Berey is interested in building more crypto communities inside school campuses. DDC President Ruben Lacumba also added that the students are interested in volunteering for the Davao DeFi Community.

Ken Berdz.jpg
Me (, Ken Berey (@blocknetworkph), and Rafael (@rafaelvlog)

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How Volunteerism Caught My Attention

I was amazed at the volunteerism activities initiated by the members of the Davao DeFi Community. In my conversation with their President, Sir Ruben Lacumba, he told me that every volunteer and member of the DDC team volunteered for the event without expecting something in return.

Mr. Nelson Lumbres, a representative of the Internet Computer Protocol here in the Philippines, commended the preparations made by the DDC team for the event to be successful.

Volunteerism is indeed very alive here in Mindanao, particularly in Davao City. The volunteers even spent time personally just to be present at the venue and volunteer for the meetup and the Hackathon.

DDC Family.jpg

DDC Attendees.jpg
Community Volunteers of DDC (@davaodeficom)

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Major Universities in Attendance

The BUIDL Meetup and Hackathon were attended by some of the most prominent universities here in Mindanao, such as students from Ateneo De Davao University, AMA University, University of Mindanao, Mapua Institute of Technology, Interface Computer College, University of the Philippines-Mindanao, University of the Immaculate Conception, and the University of Southeastern Philippines.

Information Technology students from prestigious universities in Davao City sent their best students to compete in the Think Hackathon organized by Internet Protocol Manila for a chance to win some grants for the school and monetary value to the student coders and developers.

The Hackathon started in the afternoon and was supposed to be scheduled for judging at the end of the event at around 9:00 PM. Still, due to some circumstances, the Hackathon was extended for another two weeks before the declarations of winners.


Students from different universities

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Invited at the Dinner Table with the Organizers of the Hackathon

After the successful event, I was invited by the organizers, alongside my fellow Hive user, Rafael, responsible for taking photos and videos for our website. We were invited to join the team at a restaurant called Bricklane Square, located near the area.

We had so many conversations about the Web3 space during our dinner, and we are looking forward to more collaborations with various schools, organizers, and sponsors.

After meeting the people behind the Davao DeFi Community, I am very grateful for their voluntary contributions to spreading the good news about Web3 for free.


Attendees of the Meetup & Hackathon

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***Image source: All photos are mine taken personally during the event. The divider is courtesy of Hive user @doze ***

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Hi! Everyone, My name is Ed Umbao or here on Hive. I am the founder and owner of

I have been blogging since 2010 when I worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. I am an active member of the D.Buzz community since February 2023.

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Looked like a very successful event.

Yes, a successful event indeed, attended by at least 200 students, but the number was greater than that because there were Web3 enthusiasts also.

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That is a decent turnout.

I'm also interested in ICP Hubs, maybe have some here in Latinamerica

I think they're present everywhere and the ecosystem is thriving. Hoping you will find one in your place.


I appreciate your support. Hive is shining brighter in the Philippines.

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