Some Beautiful Moments on the Beach - My Wednesday Walk


Friends, Happy Wednesday everyone.

Today's morning started with a different nature, if the nature and environment were beautiful for the past few days. Today's environment was a bit cloudy and foggy. Our environment department, however, has said that the weather may remain like this for a few more days and there may be sudden rains due to the influence of monsoon.

Since today is Wednesday, and since every Wednesday I try to share some scenes of walking in the city, today I will share some beautiful moments of walking on the beach during the trip. Beautiful moments with beautiful surroundings help us to be highly active. Especially the moments at the beach were my favorite, because of the calm atmosphere and clean air.

In fact, the main attraction of the beach is the calm environment and clean air. The vitality of the heart is greatly restored by the cool and serene house. The beach environment is not as noisy as the city life, and the beach air is not as bad as the city air pollution. Rather, the pure and cool air of the beach brings back the excitement in the heart.

Stayed there for quite some time, enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the beautiful nature, the coolness of the pure air and enjoyed it with fascination. I saw many sitting there quietly, enjoying the silence of nature immensely. It's a great feeling, everyone is trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and stay in a quiet environment.

To be honest, there are very few people creating noise, rather most people try to enjoy the calm atmosphere of the beach with a calm heart, trying to walk along the beach with serenity. Again, many people took photographs of the beach environment with great joy, some are capturing their beautiful moments in selfies.

But the most interesting to me are the different types of coral stones around the entire beach. The views were amazing, I have taken many photographs of this coral rock, I will try to share all the views step by step. Today I share my feeling of walking with some beautiful views of calm and serene surroundings, hope you are enjoying your Wednesday as well.

All are my original Photography, device Redmi 9.

Thanks all.




I am a determined girl, I want to take myself to great heights. I know the challenge is tough, but I still want to go ahead and test my abilities. I don't want to lose before I lose, but I want to win through struggle. I love to write, I love to express my imagination.


looks a beautiful area I find those coral stones so cool to see

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk :)
Have a great day :)

 2 months ago  

The scenery was really mesmerizing, I took a lot of photographs of these coral rocks.

Wow those are some beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. We all do need peace ✌️ in our life,it is hard to find these days. That is great you did manage to get that.

!giphy great
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 2 months ago  

In the busy life it is really difficult to find time to spend some time in quiet and peaceful environment. Thank you very much for your great support.
!giphy love

 2 months ago  

O my God!

Nature is always beautiful and lovely. The environment looks very cool and calm. I'm sure you had enough fun out there.

 2 months ago  

Yes, nature always keeps our mind fresh and lively.

Yeah, you are very correct

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Nice click..
Nice place to chill and spend time with our loved once..

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