A Trip To Town & A Picnic 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Paramaribo Noord

in ASEAN HIVE COMMUNITY • 2 months ago


Today our family went to the city to get news about the COVID vaccine. We don’t want to take vaccines but we need to get it because we want to leave here. My husband tells me in November the United States will issue a new law that foreigners must vaccinate COVID-19 to enter the United States.

I just got news from my country, if the people do not have a COVID vaccination card, the people are not allowed to enter the markets, restaurants, schools and other places. We don’t know what country we will to go but we need to get vaccines before we leave here, or we could lose everything and be stuck at airport somewhere in the world.


After we got news about vaccines already, we wanted to buy some vegetables in this city. There are a little more vegetables than our area.



Then we went to shopping in the supermarket. There is good bread there, but in my area doesn’t have them. We buy bread to make sandwiches and some other bread for a picnic.


We got some snacks, ingredients and apples to bring home, but most things are too expensive for us here.


There are many different kinds of wine for sale here.


After we leave the supermarket we want to find a good place to eat and drink before we come back home because we are very hungry.


There is a cool place because with a big tree, but the weather is very hot outside the tree. We enjoyed eating here, it’s like a small picnic.


We wait at taxi stand to come back house but there are not many taxis, so we waited a long time, but still not have any taxi. We walked to wait in the big road and we have a good luck to meet our landlord on the road. He took us back home together.



Have a beautiful day and stay healthy everyone ❤️😊.


Monkey B
 2 months ago  

God bless your family! Vaccination cards is needed everywhere I think.
For sure @justineparke will miss you all when you leave without him. But, I am pretty sure you'll be together again! 😊

 2 months ago  

Yes, that’s right! He is missing us and we are still living together. Thank you so much, we hoping so.

 last month  

It would be difficult. But only temporary and you will be together again for good.

I'm sorry to hear that you have to be vaccinated in your country to go to the market. Here in Canada we need it for restaurants concerts and sports events. So far we can get food. I will not be able to go anywhere again because I will never get it but I understand how you are backed into a corner.

It's such a nice thing that you had a lovely picnic. Picnicking is my favorite thing to do when it's not cold.

All the best my friend!

 last month  

In Cambodia public and private sector employees must have a vaccination card, otherwise they will not be allowed to work. People do not have a card, do not allow access to all crowded places, it is not illegal, but not allowed to enter any place we want to enter, that’s very crazy. These words I used translate.

Our family love picnic too and we hope we will make it more in the future. Thank you very much my friend.

This is amazing, l love it when l see family bond together, it's one strong force that can not be broken.
This is a dimension of parenting that must be captured for a family to be effective in growth, l love this and will do dedicate my time to give my family such a wonderful time of intimacy

 last month  

Yes, I agree with you, spending time with family is important and it makes us love each other more. Thank you for your feedback.

 2 months ago  

I know a lot of people that don't want the vaccine and don't feel like they need it but are getting it for the same reason that you are. It's a shame that it is like this but if we want a normal life again, or simply the ability to travel, it is probably something that we have to do. I like how your family looks so happy in the pictures even though this has been some tough times for you.

 last month  

I agree with you, these are correct! We have no freedom of choice. Thank you very much for your kind words and visit here. Have a great day.

 2 months ago  

I also resorted to a vaccine, because in my country if you want to travel with the plane must show evidence already in the vaccine. I signed up for vaccinations last week, but the disruption of the internet network and vaccination in the city I was delayed. Whether it's nature's way to make me not vaccinate ?

 last month  

I think we have no freedom of choice, if we want a normal life we ​​have to get vaccinated. Thank you very much for your feedback 🙏🏻

 last month  

That is a fun thing having picnic with all family members. Have a nice day of your picnic!

 last month  

Thank you dear and have a great day 😊

 last month  

What a happy family. Bonding together with family can be strengthen the relationship. 😊

 last month  

Yes it’s right. Thank you brother 😊

 last month  

Youre welcome my friend. 😊

Nice story great photos, I hope you and your family get vaccinated soon so you lose everything, best of luck dear.

 2 months ago  

We can get the vaccine on Thursday. Thank you very much dear for thinking about my family 😊

You're welcome 👍🏼

Spending time with the family is the best.

 2 months ago  

We always spend time with our family, that's why we have a lot of love in the family. Thank you 😊

 last month  

It's so cool to see this kind of family. God bless you and always be safe.

 last month  

Thank you dear, be safe to you too 😊

 last month  

Your welcome😊 And thank you as well. And yes I will keep safe too.

 last month  

I enjoyed our little picnic at Monkey-B and I's secret spot.

 last month  

Maybe we try again today.

have a nice day always 😊

 last month  

Thank you 😊 have a nice day to you too.

Amen 😊

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 last month  
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 last month  

You are welcome.

Those kids are growing up so fast and I can see from the pictures they're getting wiser everyday.
And yes, I think it was the supermarket Choi's you were in and even we can't buy all of our groceries there, as a lot of stuff is expensive.

 last month  

Yes, this supermarket is all expensive, we like to buy bread from there and some ingredients do not have in my area. Thank you so much for your kind words and sorry for late reply.

You don't have to apologize, because it's alright.
We all have busy lives and are doing the best we can 😊.