Fly with Bamboo Airways

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I've flown with many different airlines in Vietnam, but bamboo is by far my favorite. What I really like about Bamboo Airways is its name first (lol, I simply love bamboo), the flight attendants are always attentive, supportive and the service is top-notch.


Bamboo Airways is one of the newest airlines in Vietnam that has quickly become a favorite for both locals and tourists. The airline offers flights to many different destinations within Vietnam as well as some countries all over the world, including Australia. Not as many as other airlines but Bamboo plans to expand its operations to include more international routes in the future.

The airline uses a fleet of Airbus A320s that have been converted to use bamboo as the primary fuel source. This results in a much quieter and more environmentally friendly flight. Bamboo Airways offers competitive pricing and a variety of flight options to suit any traveler’s needs.


Vietnamese expats in Melbourne or Sydney no longer have to worry about long and expensive flights back home. With multiple direct flights to Viet Nam each day, getting home has never been more convenient. I onboarded on Bamboo Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner for my trip from Melb to HCMC yesterday, and I was pretty satisfied. (I'm back home a couple of weeks for personal stuff) In-flight entertainment and food are excellent. The airline has screen in front of each seat that offers a variety of entertainment options, from music to movies. This is a great way to keep passengers entertained during long flights. The food served onboard were a reflection of the cuisine available in both countries and offers something for everyone to enjoy. Both meals are served with a complimentary glass of juice/ sort drink/ beer or coffee. I was especially impressed with the staff who were all incredibly helpful and hospitable. This made for a more enjoyable flight experience



Oh wow- the Vietnamese airline's first widebody jets. As I read the news Officially Receiving Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Bamboo Airways Becomes First Private Airline in Vietnam to Operate Wide-Body Aircraft. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Airways is a new long-range aircraft that can seat up to more than 290 passengers. It has a range of 13950 kilometers, making it the perfect choice for long-haul flights.


Honestly, when compared to other big name airlines, Bamboo is still way behind in terms of fame and wealth. As a Vietnamese person, I am proud of the Airways and their accomplishments. The airline has only been established since 2017, and it is already doing quite well.

I know you may have had similar experiences with other airlines, but I hope sharing my personal experience will help others choose which airline to travel to Vietnam or when in Viet Nam. I've had an incredible experience and would definitely recommend it 🙂


It is good that we have more airlines. Customers will have more choice and hopefully the prices of tickets will drop.

Yeah true 🙂, with the number of airlines competing for customers, it's become easier for people to find an airline that fits their needs and budget.

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I've never even been on a plane and the helium of course really leaves me behind in the procession here but that's not a problem because not everything has to be done

The airline looks incredible. Each of the seats have its own screen, like what can we expect from that one? Can we play movies or game? I'm just curious about it.

Movies yes, there are some popular movies on the list along with some documentaries, and I watched 2 movies during my 8-hour flight. They were both interesting and enjoyable. Game- I don't think so, well this would be a great addition. I will send them a feedback. Thank you @missleray

You're welcome☺️

Many airlines do have old style simple games to play, some can even be played against other passengers!

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Hello @trangbaby. In my entire life, I've been on a plane like this once. And I dont expect this because without guessing. With a plane width of 8 seats and can only be filled with 3 people during the covid period. Very happy, and I don't waste it by watching many movies as possible and my headset is always on. Congratulations to you. Safe flight and Blessing

8 seats and can only be filled with 3 people

I could lay down and sleep 😃 I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by :)

How are you dear friend @trangbaby good day
It is good that you have found an airline that fits your needs, and is your favorite
I appreciate that you share this experiences and the beautiful shots
I wish you a prosperous week

Many thanks dear @jlufer for stopping by and your wish :) Really appreciate it

Oh enjoy your trip home. I read a lot about Bamboo airlines when they started but am still waiting to fly with them. I do like collecting airlines!

Hope youre well and happy Trangy and life is treating you kindly, best wishes as always :-)

I hope they open route to Thailand soon.

Everything so good so far, thank you and you enjoy your trip back home in England :)

Yayy em cũng rất thích bay của Bamboo c ạ, service tốt và giá phải chăng
Chúc chị Trang có chuyến về VN chơi thật vui nha, chụp nhìu ảnh ĐN lên Hive em xem vứi nhennn 😍😍

Thank you bé, cũng sắp xếp xong hết mọi việc rồi nè, đnag nghĩ tuần tới sẽ đi đâu. ĐN c chụp nhiều hình rồi nên giờ chắc ko chụp nhiều nữa haha

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I really like to go on a trip like you get on a plane, bro, I hope you get to your destination safely

Thank you bro, I'm home safely :)

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What a cool name for an airlines, Bamboo! I am not really much of a traveller when it comes to flying. I have flown only three times and it's just domestic. Haven't been outside our country before. I hope one day,I could try fly internationally with my husband and son as a family.