Watermelon: Indulging the sweetness of the fruit

We all know that watermelon is good and watermelons will only grow in summer season or in a hot weather. They are one of the best fruit in summer season and people really loves eating watermelon. Just like my family who also likes eating watermelon. Sometimes, they bought some watermelons in the market because they are craving for it.

My brother and his girlfriend went to other town to buy a watermelon. I thought that they will only buy a few watermelons but after they went home, I saw sacks of watermelons that are at the back of their car.

Then they get the watermelon out of the car to put it in front of our house, some were sold to other fruit seller in the market and some were stock so that we can eat it with my family and also friends.

At first, I thought that these watermelons are big but instead they are small. We know that big watermelons are the one that are really sweet and has its redness but not in a small watermelons because some of the small watermelons were unripe and there were a few redness inside the watermelons and we knew that if there are a few redness of a watermelons means that it's not that sweet.

So, one of my family member pick one of the small watermelon and she sliced it. Guess what? The inside of the watermelon is really red and she tried to eat a slice of the watermelon, she was surprised because it is really sweet. One of my brothers' friend tried to eat it and he said that it is as sweet as a sugar.

We were happy eating the watermelon and we gave some of the watermelons to our neighbors, our relatives, and to our grandparents because it's good for their body.

When my brother bought this watermelon, it only costs 15php ($0.26) per kilo of the watermelon. It way more cheaper than the supermarket. He plans on selling most of the watermelon and some of the watermelon will be eaten in our family and other people. He sell them because we can't eat all of it in one day and we will not hoard them because they will rot overtime. He sold them for only 20php ($0.34) per kilo in the market. Some of the profit were from the gasoline that the take to travel to get them and food for themselves.

For me, I also enjoyed the watermelon by eating it and something feels off while eating it. I tried to put some of the sliced watermelons in the freezer because I think it is better to eat the watermelons when they are cold. After a couple of minutes of freezing it, I get it then tried it. It's really good and it tastes like a milkshake.

Some of the watermelons were in the freezer and I forgot to eat that, I only remember after someone is eating the watermelon, I tried to get it and eat the watermelon and guess what? It's more delicious than the first watermelon that I have eaten. The tastes is similar to an ice candy that has a watermelon flavor. While eating the watermelon, I also remember that I ate similar to this one and that is an ice cream ice candy with watermelon flavor.

I really trying new things just like this watermelon. Their taste differs if I tried putting it in the freezer, cooler, or eating it fresh from the sun. I really enjoyed eating this fruit, it has lots of water but there are some sweetness after I eat it.

After eating the watermelon, we throw the leftovers to our one and only pig and also we gave it to our pet rabbit. I never thought that the rabbits also likes eating watermelon. I saw them eating happily while giving them the watermelon so as the pig.

It's fun eating this together with my family and of course I get some of the watermelons and I brought it to my wife and my daughter because I knew that they also love eating watermelons.

I try to beat the heat of the sun by eating these watermelons and I think I beat it after eating a couple of them.

Note: The first photo was edited by me in Canva





Singing "Fruit Salad" as I was reading your article 🤩 !PGM

Pakwan pakwan bili na kayo ng pakwan matamis malaman masarap ang pakwan!


This is a nice way to break the heat.

 2 months ago  

You are absolutely right, one of the most popular fruits in this summer season is this watermelon. I like eating watermelon very much. Your watermelons don't look that big. But these watermelons are ripe inside. Have a nice day and best wishes to you.

 2 months ago  
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The watermelon looks very sweet Sir @vinzie1 and I am craving for it while reading your blog