Baby ground bitters started to bear fruit from the ground bitter planted by my teacher


Hello my loving Asean Hive community,

Welcome to my new post. How's everything? I hope all is well. What are you doing? Is everything OK? I hope all is well. I'm fine too. What is the weather like in your area, does it rain every day? Where I live, it has been raining every day for the past week. Now, autumn has arrived and it doesn't rain anymore. Yesterday I told you about my roselle plant starting to bloom. The wild sunflower plants around my house also have lots of buds now. When those sunflowers bloom in the next few days, I will tell you more about them.

Today I am going to tell you about a plant that my teacher planted that is ready to be picked. That plant is Ground bitter plant. I have told about this plant once about 3 months ago. My teacher planted this plant in the fence, and about 3 months ago, this plant only had small yellow colored flowers. The picture shown above was taken by me about 3 months ago.

Now, some of the small yellow colored flowers have turned into fruit. Some of the small yellow flowers on that plant are dry and fall off. Neither I nor my teacher water that plant every day. That plant has to survive and grow mainly with rainwater. Even so, some flowers were able to turn into fruit. Until now, the plant is still producing new small yellow flowers.

When the small yellow colored flowers become dry, little ground bitters begin to appear at the bottom. You can see it in the picture I have shown above. In some places, even before the flower dries, small ground bitters begin to form at the base of the flower. All those 2 pictures are mentioned above.

The ground bitters I have shown above are ready-to-pick ground bitters. At the top of that ground bitter, there are no more yellow flowers. Did you notice the difference in the picture of the ground bitters I showed above? The ground bitters that my teacher planted are very small unlike other bitter grounds. This is because the type of ground bitter plant is a wild type. The status of the ground bitters I have shown above is ready to be harvested.

Those bitter grounds tend to ripen to the size shown in the picture. Ground bitters that turn yellow can still be eaten. My friends usually eat the ground bitter fruit and leaves with fish paste. The leaves are usually boiled in hot water and the fruit is usually eaten as is. Ground bitters that mature more than that tend to turn red colored and the fruit often splits. That's it for today. Thank you so much for reading my post to the end.

 7 months ago  

Although bitter gourd is a bitter vegetable, its flower looks very beautiful. I not like this vegitable because for test.

 7 months ago  

Yes, the flowers of bitter ground are small and cute, but the taste of the fruit is very bitter. Thank you for your comment.

Those bitter gourds are so cute! I haven't heard of how people cook or eat ripe bitter gourds. Do they taste sweet?

 7 months ago  

Yes, the size and shape of this bitter gourd is very cute. However, the taste is very bitter. So those who like bitter taste like to eat it with fish paste. Thank you.

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 7 months ago  
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Thank you.