🥦Mustard plants harvesting with my father🥦

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Hello my loving Asean Hive community,

Welcome back to my new post. How are you doing? Is everything OK. I hope you are well and all is well. About 3 days ago, I told you about 🥗Burmese Pickled Tea Leaves Salad🥗. Today I am going to talk about a different topic, not about delicious food. Today I am going to tell you about harvesting the mustard plants that my father planted in our garden.

Both my father and I are fond of plants, so in addition to plants at our house, we also grow many vegetables. Vegetable plants are the most planted. Because growing vegetable plants can increase the income for our home and we can eat fresh vegetables.

In my garden, we have planted many plants such as chili, basil, pumpkin, avocado, and guava. From that, today my father and I harvested mustards. In the area where I live, mustard plants are planted in many places and they are now blooming with beautiful yellow flowers. In my small garden, it was planted a little late, so now there are only small buds. Some plants have small yellow flowers.

As for the farmers, they harvest the mustard as soon as the yellow flowers bloom and sell it in the market. Even so, if they want mustard seeds for the next year, they usually keep those plants until they dry. We will cook to steam the mustards today, so me and my dad picked all of them even when they were just buds. Below are some pictures I took today.


Wow this is cool, you have your own vegetables in the garden.

 4 months ago  
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