My introduction post to the Hive Community


My name is Sasha Antich, and I'm 44 years old. I live in city Prijedor, in Republic of Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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I am veterinary technician and senior physiotherapist (I graduated on higher medical school in 2001).

I am photography and nature lover. I enjoy in going out to nature.

I found out about Hive in one manual which I have bought somewhere on internet (in fact in that manual I found out about Steem, and then later about

Here on I plan to create posts with photos which I make when I go out to nature (these are usually photos of various plants and herbs used in natural medicine, mashrooms, various trees, nature landscapes and other similar content).

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Welcome sasha.antich!
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Hello @sasha.antich! Welcome to Hive! Great to have you here then. Veterinary technician AND senior physiotherapist? Thats amazing but nothing beats with nature right? Loving you photos of flower and herbs already.

Hope you enjoy your Hive journey!

Hi @sacha.antich welcome to The Herbal Hive community, we look forward to reading more about you, and to having you bring us posts that reflect your life and interests. Greetings.

Welcome to Hive, Sasha :) Always a pleasure to meet another natur lover here. I am sure you will love this place. Make yourself comfortable here and enjoy the ride :)

@tipu curate