Day 3 of Galaxy exploring: The Finished Products

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So now you have seen the build of the 1979 version and the 2022 versions let's have a closer look at the finished products.

The Fleet (1 of 1).jpg

Lego has done an amazing job of updating this set, upsizing it but keeping the basic spirit the same

The Fleet 2 (1 of 1).jpg

There are updates all of the place - the first is a the basic structure the new one has this amazing heft to it, a sort of double skin with a great tiles edge

the thickness (1 of 1).jpg

Otherwise let's see the rear, updated rockets, a much better locking mechanism for the rear, rather than a single tile holding it together and of course that iconic white arrow and speaker

Rear old (1 of 1).jpg

Rear new (1 of 1).jpg

The spacemen (or spacepeople I don't know) get an upgraded interior, and all four of them get seats which is nice for them.

from this
Drivers Old (1 of 1).jpg
to this
Drivers New (1 of 1).jpg

Happy driver (1 of 1).jpg

Impressively the cabin is actually now angled as well, and the transparent cockpits are actually able to be seen through

LL928 (1 of 1).jpg

LL928 new (1 of 1).jpg
Rocket technology has also come a long way

Rocket old (1 of 1).jpg


Rocket new (1 of 1).jpg

The cool thing about this set was always that there was a cargo area where the little buggy lived. the old set was pretty cool in that it had a ramp which folded down

Cars loading (1 of 1).jpg

The new one has a big old ramp which extends out and then retracts into the body and logically it has a airlock between the cargo area and the cabin (so sensiable)

Cars loading new (1 of 1).jpg

Which of course brings us to the actual buggy's - even this is bigger and better

Cars (1 of 1).jpg

and finally some arty shots of the new Spaceship - she's a beauty

Arty (1 of 1).jpg

Arty3 (1 of 1).jpg

Arty 2 (1 of 1).jpg


Very nice. It is hard to come to an over all conclusion of which I like best. I think the 1979 buggy, with it's front end cannisters was cool. I also like the grill under the speakers of the original but the updated cockpit is positively beautiful.

I am surprised they didn't try to recreate that grill - that piece got a lot of use in my youth, maybe it wasn't as important to anyone else.

After I commented earlier I sat discussing it with my 11 yr old. I said I was not crazy about all the smooth pieces because I felt it defeated the original design. He said he liked the smooth pieces. Oh well maybe a combo choice to accommodate both tastes. 😁