The Project Grows: Lego Town

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The Lego Town Has Grown

My previous post, I showed the Lego house. Since then more houses and towers and gardens have been added to the Lego Town.

Here is a tour of Lego Town from the perspective of a Lego guy.

More and More Details

As the town grows, all sorts of new things are added. There are FIVE houses, one for each child, and a garden was added. There's a windmill, flag, roads going between each house.

Also accommodations for horses. Every Lego Town needs accommodations for horses.




It's been fun for me to watch this Lego Town grow bigger and bigger. I wonder how big it will get? Maybe I should purchase some more green plates so they can expand further!


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Hey thanks for sharing this precious moment with your family doing arts and crafts with legos! Seems you all are master builders that love to create and show love! Keep that love light bright and your awesome children smiling!

Thank you, glad you visited, many of my blog post are interesting things our family likes to do. Appreciate the rehive too!

you are so old school you are calling it a rehive! that is awesome!

Yeah, an old-timer steemian turned hivian. :-)

Oh goodness! Soon you're going to have a city, and then some farms to feed the city. And then a train system to shuttle foods and goods! These things have a habit of growing, you know.