Up close... at Kellie's place... 🏰

in Black And Whitelast year

It's been awhile... more than a year, upon checking. And I've missed posting here.

Nothing like some textures, old buildings, a castle, no less... or something broken, uncompleted... to get the black and white creative juices going.

So, I started playing around some shots taken recently, and thought these came out 'interesting' in b&w.

Shot at Kellie's Castle, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.


Nothing like patterned repetitions along a long corridor to catch one's attention... and the camera


A little of the exterior
Crumbling brickwork, plaster and concrete...


The textures of raw brick, crumbling plaster...
highlighted by the strong afternoon sun


Spiral stairway, and old stained cement work

Captured with SONY Xperia M5 | ©images & text my own

Broken arches, empty windows,
peeping opportunistic parasitic plants

Posting this for #monomad by #monochromes ~ original ideas by @brumest



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Many thanks, @pixresteemer! :)

Great details!

@tipu curate 2

Thank you, @crazy-andy and for the tipu! :)

all the shots look great and work well in colors black and white.

welcome back @ackhoo.

Nice pictute 👍👍👍

Impeccable photographing skill.
This castle is very beautiful. Wish I have can visit there.
Much respect to architects and engineers that brought this into existence.
The long corridor pillars are extremely beautiful.

Thank you! :)

The first picture is beautiful because of the symmetry🤩

Awww, thank you, @creativemary! 😊🙏

Great architecture details! I love the textures of the concrete and rocks as well. And just like you did, it comes out marvelous in B&W.

Yeah, stuff like that kinda catches my eye... :) Thank you!

awesome black and white images that really worth to share with us. The place seems royal one in the past. I loved the place and wish I could visit there too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

You're welcome 💖