Sam Monomad Challenge

sam 21-bw.jpg
Sam and the ghosts

A few years back I used to work with Sam every few weeks. She was one of my go to models. These days, Sam is busier with life and doesn't have as much time for modelling. A pity, but life moves on. Sam is possibly one of the most creative models I've worked with, so I wanted to try something a little bit different (special?) on this shoot. It had been a good few years since I last attempted rear-curtain syncing. It is something I have always struggled with. And this time it was no different. First there was problems actually getting the camera, trigger and lights talking to each other and when they did they were triggering on front and rear curtain. But eventually managed it with the the help of friends (and particularly @richgaynor - go check out his fab work here on Hive)

sam 45-bw.jpg
Working that pose

After spending some time setting up and taking the rear curtain sync shots I wanted, Sam and I moved outside into a little enclosed courtyard. These were more "standard" modelling shots, but Sam still nailed it. The thing with Sam is it is never "modelling by numbers" she always likes to add something to what she is doing. This ruff she had bought on line just adds that nice little bit of something extra.

sam 3.jpg
Sam's favourite of the day

This is Sam's favourite shot. Technically its garbage. This was a test shot whilst preparing the rear curtain. But I quite liked it, its slightly abstract but sort of works for me. I showed it to Sam to get her opinion and she (in her words) "fell in love with it",

sam 74.jpg
Filling the frame

And finally another normal shot. With Sam filling the door frame with a distinctive pose. I do hope its not as long between shoots with Sam again. She just seems to want to get the best out of her photographers, it makes your really want to up your game.


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Great work with that first shot!

@pfunk many thanks, that's pretty much how I pictured the outcome. So quite happy

Omg this is wonderful long exposure