in Black And White3 years ago
Hello, #photographylovers this is my entry to the #Monomad Photography Challenge by @brumest hosted on @monochromes.
Recently, I have been taking many shots of creepy crawlies, this little fella is a jumping spider, shot while he was taking a rest on my motorcycle. At about 8 to 10mm across it's quite difficult to take in the detail with the naked eye but with the help of a bit of macro, it's amazing to see it's many eyes and how furry it is.
Despite their size, these little critters can jump a long distance, pouncing on their prey they are very efficient hunters.

P8161211 2.jpg

P8161214 2.jpg

P8161233 2.jpg

Thanks for taking a peek at my post, until next time stay safe folks!

Hmmm... It seems we are destined to engage regarding spiders only this week! Bizarre synchronicity lol.

This little fellas is incredibly cool, can you imagine the sheer workload for his poor optician though? Before last year I had never encountered a jumping spider, I mean ever! Until we went to Turkey, I read about them in a pamphlet about local wildlife anddid NOT tell my lady, oh no!

She only likes her spiders one way... Elsewhere. I spotted a spider on our balcony and grabbed a glass to retrieve it and rehome him before she spotted it too late, she noticed... She wasn't too perturbed BUT was glad I was doing the honours and moving him on to new pastures, just as I reached for him (you guessed already...) He jumped... She screamed... Don't think we are going to Turkey again anytime soon, she did not like the idea of jumping spiders lol.

These guys are only 10mm across so really nothing to fear. Quite amazing to look at once magnified with a macro lens though.

Guessing the good lady didn't like the photo's then:) She would freak if you came to the Philippines, we have some monsters here, the bird-eating spider is nearly a foot in diameter.

Hey man hope you are ok, its been very quite.