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Hello, #photographylovers this is my entry to the #Monomad Photography Challenge by @brumest hosted on @monochromes.
Today, we head back to my favorite place for taking photos, underwater. This chap is a bearded scorpionfish, armed with poison-filled spines this is one to avoid contact with. From the same family as Lionfish and stonefish, this trio is probably more dangerous than sharks.

IMG_0898 2.jpg

leave 3.jpg

sp1 3.jpg

Thanks for taking a look at my post, until next time stay safe folks!


Nice in black n white and in colour. I always wanted to see lion or scorpion fish when diving but never did. One day i hope too. Of vrnomous things ive seen quite a few sea krait. They're pretty mellow

Yup, we get plenty of banded sea kraits here. Just dive in the Caribbean you'll see enough lionfish to keep you happy for a lifetime, they've taken over the water there. When I was in Cuba I got bored of seeing them.

Hey speaking of diving in the Caribbean side of things. Ever dive around key largo. If so hows the reef there and is it any good? I might take a quick weekend trip doen there for just thst purpose. Maybe only snorkling depending on my funds. Not sure how it stacks up.

No, Cuba is the nearest I've got to that area. Most of my diving has been Egypt or Southeast Asia. Hope to hit south America some time in the future.

I did belize. Thst was amazing. Went almost 20 years ago do it was pretty untouched.

Trying to get info on the reefs off florida but all i get is real surface level info. Sorta frustrating. Guess ill just have to go see for my self

From what I understand there is great diving to be had, obviously, it's not the coral triangle where we dive, so diversity is not as good, but in Florida, there are good corals lots of sharks, and some big wrecks.

oooooh spooky.

nice shot.

Thanks, they look super cool in colour also.


oh my worrd, thats super

Manually curated by brumest from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I try my best:)

It took me a while to get what they look like and I don't think I have any place for them in my heart. 😌

That's a shame, I think they are stunning, we all have different tastes though.


Ah, looks pretty from this angle. Perhaps that front-facing black and white photo spooked me. It looked like a silent assassin lurking in the shadow!

If you were a little fish, he would take you out in a split second but when it comes to us they just sit still waiting for us to pass.

Doesn't sound like a nice place to swim or go diving. Do they ever just attack? A rattlesnake will generally try to leave, but do strike out at times, are Lionfish and stonefish the same?

No, they are generally safe to be around, accidentally treading on one would be an issue though. Their spines are for defense not attack.

A lot like rattlesnakes then, generally safe until you step on them or get to close and trigger the defense.

Thanks, guys much appreciated.