Sun, fishermen and the old port 📷 Monomad Challenge


Not so perfect! Yup, these pictures are one of my bad experiences when hunting photography. I forgot to bring a spare memory; Coincidentally the memory card in my camera was full😞.

I had to delete several pictures, and moments that should have been captured perfectly were not perfect. This is a very unpleasant experience to repeat😇.

Before hunting photography; It is mandatory to check all equipment--you should! Instead, I forgot about it, and what should have been a perfect moment became a series of images that really didn't work in my opinion. Even so; I think some of the pictures below are very worthy of entering the Monomad challenge this time--even with all the shortcomings that occurred when I captured the moment 😅✌

In this Monomad Challenge contest, I want to invite my friends to see some of Black and White photos caught by my camera; "Sun, fishermen and the old port", Enjoy the pictures 😉







CameraSony @6000
CategoryBlack and white Photography
LocationLhokseumawe, Aceh

Warm Regard

Marechausee Adventura 🙂


I'm sure these are some of the best shots I've seen so far. Admirable captures and what a moment @dilimunanzar friend 👏🏻📸

Thank you so much @dimascastillo for coming and appreciated it ✌