FINALLY... THE SEA || Monomad Challenge

in Black And White3 months ago

Hello to all black and white photography enthusiasts. Best wishes to this community. With this post I am making my entry to the #monomad challenge.

costa 07.jpg

After a busy week you have to take a break. Going out and clear your head is always a good option to recharge your batteries, especially if it's near the sea.

costa 05.jpg
costa 04.jpg
costa 03.jpg

It's the weekend and my body knows it. I suggest walking with me along the northern coast of Havana. Smelling the sea and listening to the sound of its waves breaking on the rocks is relaxing and rejuvenating.

costa 02.jpg

costa 01.jpg

Just being immersed in these sights for a moment is worth it. I want to bring you this incredible sensation, even if it's in black and white, to accompany your weekend. See you in the next installment!

Both the photographs and the text are of my authorship. Text translated by DeepL, my native language is Spanish. Nikon D5100 camera.


I also do the same thing as you, if my mind starts to get tired I will go to the beach to recharge my brain

I agree with you, just being in front of the sea for a while is incredibly comforting. The beach even more so. Thanks for joining me on the coast and commenting.

on the beach while enjoying coffee + snacks with an instant mind empty of work pressure


Even in black and white, the sea still looks so beautiful and welcoming. You are so lucky that you can go to the see anytime

Yes, it's a great luck to have the beach relatively close, it's very comforting. Thanks in black and white and color as well. 👍

You are absolutely welcome 😌

Thank you very much!👍

That foam on the diente de perro, it has a sound here. It's amazing how the sea keeps its blue color even in black and white.


That sea of ours will never lose its blue, not even with Photoshop. Behind the gray is its sound, its color and its smell. :)

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Wow, thanks! 👏👍

You're welcome @eddyss! Have a nice day 😊👍