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bubbles lisbon bw 5.jpg

This was a nice surprise. So many bubbles in th middle of Lisbon :)

I do not do much street photography, though I do like to see the photos others take. I lack training and I don't know if people that I accidently shoot don't get annoyed, so I generally don't do it.
I just couldn't resist this time.

bubbles lisbon bw 3.jpg

There was this guy with bucket full of magic water and a bubble devise I haven't seen before. All the kids that were passing by immediately loved and it doesn't surprise me. Hundreds of colorful bubbles flying around waiting to be popped.

bubbles lisbon bw 4.jpg

This is the super devise I was talking about. A long line with multiple hoops. It does make sense if you want to get lots of bubbles and I does the job wonderfully.

I used to see guys with one giant hoop that as making one giant. bubble.. and I mean human size giant bubble that would look like a flying rainbow.
Here they go for quantity - I admit, looks like way more fun. And with the light wind, they were slow and lazy. Lovely view.

bubbles lisbon bw 1.jpg

bubbles lisbon bw 7.jpg

bubbles lisbon bw 2.jpg

Oh the ugly yellow signs with breakdancing stickman. Ruined almost every photo an it was almost impossible to avoid it.
Now it has the spotlight.

bubbles street bw 1.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Nikkor 18-55mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


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Great photos, this is the first time I see such a number of soap bubbles and such a device for them 🤩

Thank you!
It was so cool to see so many :D Kids loved it too.

It's great that you posted these photos, thanks!

breakdancing stickman

I'll need to remember this haha. I have a sneaking suspicion they'll have a sore bottom after this session.

hahaha They just might :D

Yeah :) So manu bubbles ! How to resist this time ?

Yours shots with the tree in background are my preferred. Also thanks you to let the breakdancer have the light it deserves ^^ and for sharing those very poetic instants :)

let the breakdancer have the light it deserves

hahah he was asking for it :D

His dance was a sort of pray :D


Moreee bubblessss!! :D


So joyous! I had one of those big circles you talk about to make bubbles when my kids were small. These are great photos.

That last photo, in which you get the yellow sign over with, is really an excellent photo! Great motion and composition, and I'm drawn to those folks in the sun in the back.

Oh my.. that must have been so cool. We always making bubbles with small straws at home as kids.

Thank you :D


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Wow @ewkaw friend... Street photography in its purest form!... Bravo!!!... Wonderful to see!... THANK YOU!


Thank you! I still have a lot to learn :)


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That is an absolute boatload of bubbles! That must have been fantastic to watch in person.

It was! The guy just kept making then and they were flying all around :)

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Gosh! Never seen so many bubbles. I would go wild if I had that when I was a kid!

When I was a kid w had those tiny bottles with a straw that would also make bubbles. Not as many of course, but it was still fun.

Wow, so much bubbles. It's really fun. Although children love it, adults are also attracted to it

I popped some myself :D

Beautiful photos, black and white in my opinion makes them even more beautiful!

Thank you! Thy definitely look different.

Wow! I’ve never seen black and white this beautiful before.
I think the b&w says a lot.
I love all the pictures.

Thank a lot :)

Woow now that's spome crazy scene. Great shoots

Thank you :)

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