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fluffy seeds bw 9.jpg

It's been a while since I took some macro shots of the fluffy seeds that some plants produce. No, it's not only dandelions, though they are the most common and popular. There are many others that provide light parachutes or featherlike tips for the wind to drag away from the mother plant to colonize another part of the lawn.

Great system, and it works really well, I must say! I tend to find some of them growing high above the ground on my balcony pots too. Once I decided to leave it and see it bloom and now I can't get rid of them :p
Very efficient system of taking over the world :D

fluffy seeds bw 1.jpgfluffy seeds bw 2.jpg

These I found in a park, though. I was watching the wildflowers grow and evolve from early spring and was waiting for the right time to get my camera and shoot that last stage.

The time has come and the lawns were filled with still blooming flowers and dozens of fluffy balls. It was a matter of waiting for a sunny day to get some good light and I was out on a mission.
Perfect! :)

fluffy seeds bw 4.jpg

I am not sure if it was a Dandelion or something similar - there are few types that look alike. It doesn't really matter. The fluffy is equally pretty.

fluffy seeds bw 3.jpg

fluffy seeds bw 5.jpg

The four stages:

fluffy seeds bw 11.jpgfluffy seeds bw 8.jpg
fluffy seeds bw 12.jpgfluffy seeds bw 10.jpg

That last one I found was my favourite though. There is still some fluff on it attached, but because the wind did a good job here, half of the head is exposed. The seeds have such amazing shape! Not like the common dandelions. Much larger, darker and bent. Like claws.

fluffy seeds bw 7.jpg

fluffy seeds bw 6.jpg

fluffy seeds bw 13.jpg

Monochrome bonus song for today:
The xx - Intro
year 2009

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.


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@ewkaw, you are most welcome!

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Nature is very wise, it knows perfectly well what form it should take to perpetuate life 🙌 Beautiful photos.

Oh yes... and will always adapt to make it work.

That is fascinating, I had no idea it wasn't only dandelions that did that. Very cool😊

Very cool indeed :)

Good afternoon dear friend @ewkaw
When I was just a child he thought that dandelions were just the only fluffy ones and good for flying in the company of the wind, later I learned that there are many varieties.
What beautiful shots, I love monochrome photographs.

Yea there are plenty in different shapes and sizes :)
Thank you!

I haven't seen these plants in a while, I always have fun blowing them so that the wind takes them away.
Beautiful black and white photographs @ewkaw

I used to do that too as a kid :) Now I let the wind do it.

Fantastic work!!!😍

Thank you!

The photos are beautiful and the fluffy thing is cute, yes hahaha... you make me laugh. I couldn't play the video here on my laptop because it won't let me open it. It seems like I need a VPN. I'll try later on my phone. 😉

Oh that's strange with the video... region restricted?


I listened to it with VPN. Thank you. 😉

Beautiful and delicate, they look like pompoms. Greetings.

They are lovely, thanks :)

🤩 !PGM

Wow.... Amazing results, I like to photograph different types of flowers using macro lenses, but not as good as you take, the details are also clear, amazing work my brother @ewkaw.

Thank you!

Wow I have no words to praise your monomad photographs. Your photographs are very beautiful. Until now I was in such a society that only street photographs are good, even in such a monomad, you made me wrong. @ewkaw

only street photographs are good

How come? Any photograph can be good if we make it good :)

Yes it is also true...

What a beautiful pictures! I love them because they talk about cicles. We all have them and I believe is while watching nature that we can understand them better.

Thank you :)

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