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Wroclaw rynek bw 2.jpg

This is what you see when you finally reach the center of Wroclaw Old Town. The city hall and all its surroundings are one of the biggest attractions. And even though it is not as big and spacious as the one in Krakow, I like it that way. It feels cozier and friendlier.

Wroclaw rynek bw 1.jpg

The last time I was there, it was starting to rain. The streets were wet, the sky was covered in clouds, and with even fewer people (besides the fact that it was out of season), it felt great!

Wroclaw rynek bw 3.jpgWroclaw rynek bw 6.jpg

The Pillory (top left 👆) is a usual meeting point.

A 10 meter pillory made of sandstone. This is an accurate copy of the pillory, which had been standing in this place since 1492, but was destroyed in February 1945 and was finally demolished in April 1947.
The possession of pillory in Wroclaw was a reason for pride, for the city was testified to grant legal privileges, which let the use of punishment of sword. The same was true with the presence of the executioner and the possession of the gallows.

You can just sit on one of the stairs and admire the building around you. The second shot above is taken from that perspective. You can see the two towers of the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene and the little bridge between them. I still haven't been there!

Wroclaw rynek bw 4.jpg

More to the left a row of colourful (believe it or not :p) buildings.

Wroclaw rynek bw 5.jpg

Below is the other side of the Town Hall building.

Wroclaw rynek bw 8.jpg

Turn around... and another church tower (St Elizabeth's Church) is peaking though.
This one I will show you another time, because it is amazing! You can get to the very top and have an awesome view to the whole city.

Wroclaw rynek bw 7.jpg

Lastly, a few photos of the Church of St. Stanislaus, St. Wenceslas, and St. Dorothea that I had passed on my way to the center, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Kosciol sw Doroty Wroclaw bw 1.jpg

Not because it wasn't nice. It is a beautiful, big building, and that's exactly what made me want to go inside. But because I could only admire it from the entrance. Most churches have gates installed that are kept locked most of the time. You can look, but you cannot enter. So much for welcoming tired travelers :p

Such a shame, really.

Kosciol sw Doroty Wroclaw bw 3.jpgKosciol sw Doroty Wroclaw bw 4.jpg

Kosciol sw Doroty Wroclaw bw 2.jpg

At least I got some really nice pretzels that were sold just a few meters away. :p

Bonus song and not a monochrome one.
But because the band is from Wroclaw I though it will be just right :). This was probably their biggest hit.

Hurt - Załoga G
year 2005

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Nikkor 18-55 lens
All photos and text are my own.


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I didn't understand the reason it was open for them to observe but not for them to pass through, anyway the pictures are gleaming, and I don't doubt those pretzels were a bit of a lifesaver. I send you a hug, thanks for sharing this experience!

I dont know why, they just dont want people wandering around. Which is a bit strange for me... but I guess they have their reasons.

The pretzels were really good 🤤

I had to look up Wroclaw. Inthought my geography wasnpretty gooin general and yet somehow this had slipped me by. Nice shots nd a stunning place to make use of B&W. Nice!

Thanks a lot! I should have taken more street photos there and all the little houses and narrow passages look cool in BW in general :)

i would have been in monochrome heaven. Looks superb

hahah yep :D

Love seeing pictures of my beautiful country. I haven't been there since my last visit in 2004, so thanks for sharing. Love it.

Wow that is a long time! A lot has changed since and keep changing. Which is nice to see :)

Yeah, I bet. Poland has changed so much since I left in 1990 to the last visit, I wass there, so I can just imagine, how much more advanced and more beautiful it is now.

Time to go visit again. Hopefully, we can do it sooner than later.

The place look elegant in black and white aside from the fact that it's somehow like a royal place hehe . Thanks for bringing us to the center of the universe..

Thank you! It looks cool in colour too, but this time I played with monochromes :)

I know that Wroclaw is a beautiful city but I´m yet to see it myself as I only drove through so far (it was a trip to the football stadium to watch the game between Slask and Legia a few years ago). You took some very cool pictures in there :)

@tipu curate 2

Thank you :)
You should definitely stop by and have a walk around the center. Hope you find the time next time.

Wow magníficas fotografías me gustaron mucho 💯

Thank you!

Oh no,,, the photos you took at the town hall are really beautiful and fascinating.
I was amazed to see it.
Cool my man.

Thank you!

Wow, that's a very nice attraction.

Thanks, it is :)

The facades of the buildings are exploited up to the roof. It's pretty to see the architecture is really surprising

It is even better in person :)

Yes I should go see it one day

I loved your photos. I tried to upvote your post, but somehow the down vote button was red and wouldn't let me proceed.

Thank you!
You must have downvoted it instead :D
If you are using you cant change votes. For some reason it doesn't allow it. You can change them in for example.

Thanks for the info. I have some tricky keys on my keyboard, so I will be more careful.

It’s a very beautiful place, and particularly the architecture is exquisite!! The church also, is very impressive!

Thanks a lot for sharing these shots!!

Thank you! It is a very nice city to visit indeed :)