Monomad Challenge: Fisherman's Daily Life

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Hello everyone, how are you today, I'm back with some black and white visuals that you might like and this is my entry for the #monomad challenge. This time I'm back with some visuals that I made last Friday, which are about the activities of fishermen who are on vacation looking for fish in the sea due to bad weather. They spent time repairing boats and sewing nets when they couldn't go out to sea because of strong winds. Just look at the many boats parked at the fish landing site in this Fisherman's Village. Fishermen in Aceh spend most of their time here when they cannot go to sea. I'm happy with some of these visuals, I hope you guys also like the content I'm sharing this time, I can't write more, because this is the visual content I want to share with you guys, so I hope it's okay, and have fun. happy my friend.







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