My black and white Kids photography - Monomad daily chalenge

Hello everyone . I hope you are fine my friend.
I'm Farideh and I'm back with a new baby photo shoot.
××××××PART 2 BICYCLE××××××

A dream photography of a beautiful girl.
He came to the photography location with his doll and bicycle.
Beautiful and refreshing nature.
A beautiful dress made her look like a beautiful doll.
I asked him to get off his bike because of the help of his bike, which assured me that there would be no problem.
And she waved to others.
So lets go to see otherone photos.

I put the doll once in front of the bike and then behind the bike. To see which one is better.
××××××PART 2 COWBOY××××××

The second style that was chosen for the shoot was a dark Hawaiian dress and a straw hat. who had a cowboy look.
This beautiful girl started posing near the tree with the doll in her hand. Everything was very good. Air, light, nature, child, and...
I was also very satisfied with the photos. Girls are known to be quiet and docile at this age. Let's record good moments with the help of these.

In photographing children, the choice of location and accessories are very important. Try to make the child his own toy. This makes him feel comfortable and his gestures are real and not curious about the props.

Finally, we returned to the studio and I started editing the photos with the help of @menati.
Menti was more careful in choosing the photos.

Another experience, another day, became a leaf in our memories.
And we are both more interested in photography. And videography, which @Menati is very interested in, is in our work schedule.
Thank you and I hope that children's photography has made your day more beautiful and shiny.
Photography By @farideh.shahedi
Camera & lens : Sony a7 r 111 - 24-70 f 2.8 sigma Art

 3 months ago  

Congratulations. Today's #monomad second place is yours.
Thank You very much for participating and for being part of the Black And White Community!

Beautiful 🥰🥰