Trying The Korean Black and White Photoshoot Trend✨

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We did the black and white korean photoshoot💖

I had my birthday last month, July 17. I know, this post has been on my draft and I just remember it now so forgive me.

So, I saw this trend on tiktok where you have to take a picture in black and white. Korean actresses have been doing this and they're gorgeous so I want to try this trend. Before the day of my birthday, I ask my very good cousin/friend if we could try that trend. Thankfully, she's not that busy so she said yes. To my surprise, she was very prepared. She had all the make up kit, the turtle neck long sleeve, and the set-up for ringlight and background. I love how supportive she is. She's always been like that.
Disclaimer, we're not professionals in either make-up and photoshoot. We tried to do what we think was right. I also have this two friends with us who helped on the set-up and all. So we first do the make up. Well, that's me without make up.


I can't narrate how my make-up was done because I don't which and what products did we use. I just trust them through the process.


And the makeup is done☺️.

After that, we started our photoshoot. It was kinda awkward because I'm not a model. I don't know what to pose😂. I just do whatever it is and just let it be. I just thought that if I don't have any decent photo, maybe I am the one to blame, something might be wrong with me😂. Luckily, I have chosen and seen some of quite decent shot. Here are those.








I had so many pictures (like more than a hundred 😂). It might take me forever if I have to post everything here. I even had pictures with baby hailey💖.


We actually did this on my actual birthday. I even feel bad to my glam team (my friends😂) because, I don't even feed them after the photoshoot. All I can offer to them is my gratitude hahaha. The actual photos were not black and white. I edited it on the Lightroom app.


I will forever be grateful to my friends who will always willing to help me. I was filled with so much love that day! It makes my birthday extra special💖

Please do comments so I will know your insights. Thank you!

(All of the photos were captured using Redmi Note 9)
Keep safe!😉💞



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