A Turtle's Struggle

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series from the 1990s, which followed four brothers who learned ninjutsu and was set in a sewer, came to mind when I saw this turtle. Almost to the same end, this turtle emerged out of a residential area's water channel, but unlike the characters in the film series, he was not a self-sufficient hero. The turtle was immobile that afternoon due to the heat of the asphalt. For scaly, four-legged, hard-shelled creatures, the best temporary rescue measure is a bucket filled with water.

Without thinking twice, this brief moment was chosen as the target for my camera shots, occasionally making sure this turtle felt comfortable in its new home, and these pictures are also my entries for the #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes.

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Soon, the turtle felt uncomfortable in that narrow space (in the bucket). I think this animal has cooled its body enough. Slowly, this turtle began to move, looking for a new place. Returning it to its habitat is the best option. Swamps that are used as water dumps are my choice to release this turtle into the wild to continue its adventure.

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Thanks for taking the time! This pictures taken with Canon EOS 6D camera + 50mm.

By @ichsannanda (nandaalbintang)