Anti loneliness mushroom

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Anti-loneliness mushroom, a name to dramatize this type of mushroom that I found. Google Lens search results classify this mushroom kind as Mycena leaiana. This mushroom prefers to congregate on decaying logs and has the feature of having gills. This post is focused on these gills, and in an attempt to make the mushroom photos seem more exotic, I have converted some of these photos to black and white. (ideally fulfills expectations)

Here are some photos showing this fungus in humid settings; hopefully they don't make it uncomfortable in a crowd.

2 IMG_5967 copy.jpg

2_A IMG_5982 copy.jpg

3 IMG_5964 copy.jpg

4 IMG_5965 copy.jpg

5 IMG_5954.JPG

6 IMG_5961 copy.jpg

IMG_5978 copy.jpg

Please criticize if I incorrectly included the reference to the type of mushroom mentioned above.

Thanks for taking the time. This pictures taken with Canon EOS 700D camera + 17-50mm Lens, and I submitted it for the daily #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes.

By @ichsannanda (nandaalbintang).