The composition's beach area

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Walking along the beach turned into a viable photo opportunity again this afternoon. Of course, sunny weather is a factor! The main subject of this photo session was the fishing boat that was recently anchored on the beach.

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Two canoes combined with a variety of frequently used fishing equipment is a preset composition. Interestingly, a tree with several branches that is situated on the beach's edge is another feature in this composition.

8 IMG_7547-2 copy.jpg

9 IMG_7531 copy.jpg

10 IMG_7528 copy.jpg

11 IMG_7551 copy.jpg

I hope these pictures may pass the time this weekend by showing a variety of objects and subjects in an arrangement that was carefully thought out.

Thanks for taking the time, Gretings From Indonesia!!!

This pictures taken with Canon EOS 6D camera + 50mm,and I submitted it for the daily #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes.

By @ichsannanda (nandaalbintang).


Wow Interesting bro @ichsannanda It's cool if you look at it bro

Thank you for the compliment Bro @fanigunawan!
That's the world of photography, determining the angle of shooting is one of the main requirements

The beach area always looks pleasant with beautiful panoramas, good shots my brother.

Thank you my dear friend! For me, the sea is a gift from God that full of endless tales 😊

That's right, my brother, I'm one of those people who love the beach, but I very rarely manage to take some beautiful moments on the beach 😁😁

Everything begins with a pastime! Similarly, I have issues with the macro photography realm 😁

Hehehe... Agree with your words my brother, if not being a hobby it might be difficult, but I will learn also about other photography, but if you learn about macro photography maybe it will also get good results too, especially if you use a camera it is very good results.

Han neupakat loen jak maen bang 😁✌