The Fisherman's Gate

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The hustle and bustle of activity at the Pusong Fish Auction Place in the local town was an exciting sight. When I first saw the files from the search for old pictures, that's how I felt. Therefore, the black-and-white version of the photo is my choice to look back at memorable photos that have been arranged in such a way as to depict the busyness of one of the estuary gates in this city, often called Muara Pusong.

The estuary area is the busiest due to its strategic location and direct border with the Malacca Strait. Dozens of fishing boats, both local and foreign ones, dock there. Here are some moments from the frenzy and are also my entries for the #monomad challenge hosted by @monochromes.

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This is one of the city's landmarks as one of the gateways to the open sea, flanked by two estuaries, one of which is Muara Pusong.

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This moment was photographed at the Pusong Lhokseumawe Fish Auction, Indonesia.

Thanks for taking the time. Of course, hopefully both entertaining and helpful! This pictures taken with Canon EOS 6D camera + 70-300 Lens.

By @ichsannanda (nandaalbintang).


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