(Discovery) Negative Photographic Print, Chromotherapy 🎨

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Authored by @Joao Parmagnani

It all started when I started developing negative photos for the cyanotype process, that's when I discovered the magic behind the negative.

(myself in digital art made for ARDRP and cyanotype)

I've always had a certain inclination towards black and white photos, I believe you do too, right? 🎹

There are so many different styles of black and white photography that we can achieve, both in analog and digital, and within these 2 the subclassifications are created by themselves, according to other variables such as exposure, iso, speed and more.

Some time ago I was a big fan of grainy black and white, with little contrast and saturation, I think it took me back to the past perhaps, nowadays I'm a little more aware of the black and white that the negative presents.

Negative photographs have a long history dating back to the early development of photography in the 19th century. Initially using glass plates, negatives evolved into roll film, making photography more accessible. The process involves exposing the film to light and using chemicals during development to create a negative. Inverting the colors of the negative results in a positive image, representing the original distribution of colors and tones.

With the advent of digital photography, the use of film has declined, but some photographers still appreciate the unique aesthetics and nostalgic charm of analog processes.

Snow goggles (Inuktitut: ilgaak or iggaak,Central Yupik: nigaugek, nigauget) are a type of eyewear traditionally used by the Inuit and the Yupik peoples of the Arctic to prevent snow blindness.


The goggles are traditionally made of driftwood (especially spruce), bone, walrus ivory, caribou antler or in some cases seashore grass. The workpiece is carved to fit the wearer's face, and one or more narrow horizontal slits are carved through the front. The goggles fit tightly against the face so that the only light entering is through the slits, and soot is sometimes applied to the inside to help cut down on glare.


The slits are made narrow not only to reduce the amount of light entering but also to improve the visual acuity. Wider slits result in a larger field of view.


These three photos are perhaps my favorites from the last negative print for the cyan process.

The photographs embody the refined snow goggle design of an ancient community from times gone by.

(airdude zimardrp artwork)

So let's say that for people who don't know the origin of the negative, or are more unfamiliar with photography and audiovisual processes, they quickly link this style of image to something artistic, archaic but at the same time innovative?

Perhaps the truth is that many innovative things are just things rescued from the past, and often improved. Yes or No?


Classic print of the film "Princess Mononoke 1997" produced by Studio Ghibli, simply audiovisual lessons is the message behind the film. This print is a little larger and in the future, when finished, it will go on the wall.

Feminine Gallows. When united perhaps stronger than any virus?

I want to apologize to all women
which I described as beautiful
before saying smart or hot
I'm sad that I spoke as if
something as simple as what you were born with
was his greatest pride when his
spirit has already shattered mountains
From now on I'll say things like
are you strong or are you amazing
no because I don't hurt you beautiful
but because you are much more than that

(Rupi Kaur)



Chromotherapy is a method that uses colors with the aim of harmonizing the body, acting on all its levels. Each color has a specific vibration and therapeutic capacity that helps and promotes health and well-being, holistically.

Let's say they are vibrations, spectrums of light possible to the eyes.

Ancient civilizations already harmonize life with the study of colors, for example Feng Shui. It is something very old, also used to characterize pearls, chakras (energy centers) and science is increasingly proving this coherence between the spiritual mythological journey of Eastern civilizations and new analyzes of the human psyche based on neuroscience.


However, it is important to note that color therapy is not a conventional medical practice and the benefits attributed to it are often based on personal beliefs and experiences.

Black and white are considered neutral colors in chromotherapy. Here are some general interpretations associated with these colors:


  • Protection: Black is often associated with the idea of ​​protection and security.
  • Refuge: It can represent a refuge or a space of retreat.
  • Transformation: Some schools of thought suggest that black is related to transformation and renewal.


  • Purity: White is often associated with purity and clarity.
  • Balance: Represents balance and harmony.
  • Healing: Some interpretations suggest that white is related to healing and purification.

(slob air black surfboard, praia do ulé)

In terms of practical application, some people who practice chromotherapy may wear clothes in these colors, decorate spaces with these tones or even visualize these colors during meditations or healing sessions.

It is important to note that color therapy is not supported by solid scientific evidence, and any perceived benefit may be more attributable to the placebo effect than to intrinsic color properties. If you are considering color therapy as part of a treatment plan... to consult qualified healthcare professionals for appropriate guidance.


I've been working with negative prints for 3 years and it's incredible how nowadays I "manage" to include only within the black and white spectrum a large variation of nuclei or vibrations, and that's how I organize myself in education thinking about the end result, often it's I need to darken or clarify certain areas of the image so that when converted into a positive image, maximum detail is presented.


These 2 photos above were two negative prints that I made with ultra-thin baking paper that I will use to develop in cyanotype with special chemicals. I'm going to post the final result of these 2 photographs, it's incredible how surprising the final result is. In theory, where it is black in the photograph it becomes white and where it is white it becomes blue, however, all this with its different amplitudes within the color scale.

  • The first photo is my shaper Matheus Miranda with his alternative log gliding under the waves of Arraial do Cabo.

  • The second photo is the rap singer, poet of love "Nissin" wearing his ARDRP poncho on the beach in Itacoatiara.

I hope you enjoyed this brief but honest sharing about negative photographs and their colors within different possibilities. In a next post I will talk about the final process of these images above, already in blue, using all this powerful sun that appears in Brazil.


Enjoy the Beauty and Blessing of mother nature

See you soon :)


I did not know about this "side" of yours! Nice job! I'm looking forward to seeing the final result of the cyanotype photographs!

Rsrs um eterno aprendiz criscia let's do our Collab artattack :) for sure.

wow.. Some of the pictures you show today are all good, I am amazed by you.
May I know how you take pictures this good?

Of course my bro! Thank u so much. Basically i edit in Photoshop or other easy software to negative style. The point is, I started to used this style of edit just for cianotipo! Then I keep exploring and find this way of "negative" some brilliant, little of dots could be nice too. :) terima Kasih bro

Thank you very much my brother has explained in detail about my question earlier, and I don't understand about how to edit that you do, maybe I will start learning by looking for it next time, Hopefully I can do it hehehe

of course u can bro! just start to explore the different styles of black n white n negative :) aloha. good morning

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