Strange shapes

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This week I collected some pictures of things that seem to me to have strange shapes.

We start in the sky, and see clouds drifting over the mountains at dusk. I don't know how to explain what shape it is. It's a cloud but yes I think the shape is quite strange.


Down to earth, this is a commonly seen grass, but when photographed up close it looks quite scary because it looks like thorns ready to prick, even though they are just soft, fine hairs.


This is another grass that is preparing to open its flowers, I think. It looks a little curly like that, and pretty weird too.


A shell that was long abandoned by its original owner, and is now inhabited by an animal that doesn't actually have a shell. That's the shell of the Murex, a predatory sea snail that lives in the intertidal. The shell spines had broken and were no longer sharp, and now the hermit used them.



This one, because it's not a painting of a swamp forest, it's quite strange. You definitely know that it is the surface of the beach sand painted by sea water during low tide. Traces of receding sea water are left on the beach sand and the result is like that.


And this one, it's a Chiton. It may look like a mossy rock, but it is actually an animal, the mossy chiton, which lives on the rocks of the intertidal zone. What is visible are the protective plates surrounded by the corset. It didn't move at all. Because, it chooses night time and when the tide rises to move and look for algae to eat.




Those are some of the strange shapes I collected this week for #monomad challenge.

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