Monomad: Balls, lights and shadows

in Black And White2 months ago


This is my entry for the #monomad challenge curate by @brumest and @monochromes

Hello dear friends of the monochromatic style today back to my blog to show you another photographic section in my favorite style, the images you will see below are the result of a photographic composition using several balls that my son plays with.

Days ago I was thinking about how to make some photographic composition where the intense illuminations and shadows prevailed, to satisfy my creative tastes I used the rays of the sun that entered through the door of my house at a time when the sun was quite intense, the shadow was generated by the darkness exist behind the door, on the floor I used a black fabric.

Actually, I ended up making a small studio, which served me to take the photos that I show you today, I hope the selection is to your liking, I end up as always wishing you an excellent day, peace and love.

Kind Regards.

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