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We are in last days of the year, but in a country that is an Asian country.We always believe that art has no boundaries and is born of suffering and for eliminate these boundaries and limitations.
I hope you are well.
Tonight we have a post, a complete album of 10 photos that I decided to put all together in one post. These days I am so busy with photography that I would like everyone to see them as soon as possible.
Different models and different locations.
But this time, a well-dressed young man became my photography model.
Let's see the photos together and talk more about it:

**PART A - steep wall **

The first part of the photography includes photos I took in a location that was a wall made of special stones and had a slight slope.
I made a unit of my model in different angles. We took a few different poses right next to that wall

The camera angle is very important in this style of photography that creates a little distortion.
To create this perspective.

I took a light branch with me so that I can give light to my model if necessary.

This photo was also taken at the end of the path where the wall is located next to the swings

PART B - pine trees

Pay attention to the position of the light. It is right behind the model. In order to capture the back of the head better, I had to reduce the light, in this case my model needed light. That's why I brought my light and used it here.

I liked his dress. It had a special shape. So that you felt that these styles only fit him.

She tied her dress around her neck, thus creating a new change in her attire. Also, I checked and photographed different models standing and sitting. In the results, the work was very good and finally it was enough. I was also satisfied with the lighting and poses.

Thanks for attention.
I hope this post and gestures , It been useful for you.
Have a nice day ...
Photography By @menati


Nice captures 👍👍