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Hello to all my dear friends in the black and white community. I hope that everything is very good and that you are doing well. The photography that I came to share with you today is a male model who plays futsal, has a fit body and likes to start and continue the modeling branch. This time he was in my hands and my camera and lights and I took a few shots of him and tried to do a professional retouch on his facial skin.
But I play a little with shadows.

The first photo was done with a hat and a Hollywood lighting, and I put the light source in the photo and did not remove it because I liked the feeling of the presence of the light source in the photo, which created bright edges for us. His hands were positioned in such a way that his hand muscles could be seen well and I tried to show this contrast more with the lighting I did.

The style of the third photo has an interesting style, in general, the color is dazzling, because the model's skin color was very light, it created a good color contrast, which is why we were able to take a good photo. I had also helped make the photo more beautiful. I always look for a golden point in photography, an angle from which my model looks very beautiful, usually I find this angle at the very beginning with the help of my model.


Let's go a little deeper, go a little closer, the presence of black and white photos and closing the frame as close as possible to the eyes of the model leads us to her thoughts, and this is the best feature of black and white photography, what makes me He is fascinated by himself, so we take the photo closer to arouse this feeling more in our audience.
Lets yo see that :

And at the end, you can see the photo that I took with the backlight, and the other side is dark and I turned off my fill light, so that we can better compare the presence and absence of light and its effect on our work.
Thank you for staying with me until the end of the post and I hope you have some useful information, take care of yourself and have a nice day.
Photography By @menati


Wow i love the photos are really good

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Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours.
Thank You very much for participating and for being part of the Black And White Community!

He is really good at what he does. Nice poses and wonderful shots by you.