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"These numbers engraved in bronze on the floor help you see beyond the bay," the girl said in an expert voice and pointed to the different buildings, while I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and smiled, but I was really just concentrating on this framing, which was made difficult because I didn't have the right lens.

There were many people around and I was bothered by their shadows. Now when I edit this photo, I would have liked to have some of them here.


There were so many numbers and I only photographed this one. Which one would you have looked at?


She preferred 14, but I am not authorized to show her feet.


The San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress is an ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of the city, as well as of miss Wind, and not so much of the scorching sun.


In the picture, if you zoom in, you can see how the classic cars are lined up to entertain tourists, photographers and whoever decides to take a luxurious ride through the city. Most of them are convertibles. Look, we could see a cocotaxi in full swing, it's the little one next to the Lada 2107 😅... because how not to recognize our own relics?



We don't need to have eagle 😂 eyesight to discover certain things, besides the canyons.


And, well, where I put the eye, I put the bullet... is not too far off the mark. What was the conspiracy there?




These silent places inspire me. When I saw it, I remembered an image that I was delighted to discover one day during my forays to Havana's rooftops.

3 (26).JPG

Hoy es mi día de suerte, encuentro maravillas! - Today is my lucky day, I find wonders! (This is an emblematic phrase from the movie Fresa y Chocolate, how I love this scene! I'll do a review of this film one of these days.)

But you see, I'm getting off topic... Havana.

Thinking about it, though, it is related.

The girl and I wanted to have ice cream at the Book Fair, that's why we were there in La Cabaña; however, it was not possible. Standing in line for ice cream would have taken hours and I wanted to take a few pictures.


This is my entry in the #Monomad Challenge. Life got a little twisted. Last night some verses came to me and I thought by now they would be published. But Havana is enchanting and maybe the verses need a little more time, something that this city has in abundance.

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Oh. Got stuck in to laundry and writing and never asked.

Which one, please?

A little bee... of course.

Beautiful shots of a beautiful city 🤗

Thank you, Wendy. 😇

Beautiful photos of Havana. You did great with those. It is true that if I enlarge them I can see the whole Malecon. I really liked the photo of the lighthouse and the cannons. Thank you. Nice day.🥰🤗😄♥️

Me alegra que te guste mamani. Tenemos que ir allí a ver el atardecer, dile a papaenzo que nos lleve ;)

If the city could talk, what would it say?


Let's go for a walk


Ha, ha, ha, sure thing

Today I must tell you that lighthouses are my fascination and I liked that photograph more than any other!!! Is beautiful!😍

Well, I also love lighthouses. So I understand you. This one's for you 😅

Thank you very very much Nani!!!!!😍

When the Spaniards built the Fortress, they never imagined the wonder they were creating, the most iconic photos of our Havana are from there, a view like no other.

Btw I loved the one with the Fortress 🤩

This is definitely a beautiful place and a few years ago I climbed up the Morro, I don't know if it's still possible. I would like to go back there.

Gracias ;)

How beautiful Havana is seen from the other side...of the bay. 😜

Me quedo con el 12, se ve bonito en tu foto. :)

I'm sure that tomato bush is a "Maravilla". Do it!!!! I would love to read a review by you of that tremendous movie.

El 12 tiene un bonito significado.

The tomato bush that grew in a rather unlikely place, 😂 and look how healthy.

El 12 tiene un bonito significado.

Me gustó mucho lo que leí, gracias por mandarme el link, definitivamente me quedo con el 12. XD

Some beautiful and really cool shots. I like the light house and the rest of the city with all those stone buildings. Too bad the line for ice cream was long. What do you do? Well take some pictures 😊

Thank you 😇 It is a complex that groups the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress and the Morro Castle, our lighthouse in Havana. We were in the part of the Cabaña, where the International Book Fair is held these days.

If there are no ice creams, we take photos hahaha.. hugs, amigo.

All the shots are cute and about the numbers, I choose 13 because that’s the first thing I saw

Thanks! 13 is a good number too.

I loved your shots from La Cabaña. Miss gusts of wind is my favorite. 😊

😄 a good one

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Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours.
Thank You very much for participating and for being part of the Black And White Community!

Whatttt!? 😍

Thank you 😅

Not an eagle eyesight here but those butterflies were flying and flying, all around :D

Qué hace tomate allí? 😂

Hahaha... everyone sees what they want to see. But I was talking about that table. Look what a nice place!

Qué hace tomate allí? 😂

Your son gave you hyacinths one day, or I don't know... I don't remember well what plant it was. And you forgot about them? Someone ate a bread with tomato there and left the seeds forgotten. A story that could be real.

Just the table or the two benches also?
Yes, a nice place, for breakfast or afternoon tea/coffee/biscuits :)

Later I remembered that and also told him (son) this evening - look what I found hahah. He forgot about them too 😂

My memory is doing a good job. I should change the lines written then.

Beautiful... just beautiful.

So many keepers here. ❤️

And now I have another movie from you to watch. Sounds like a good one. But I may read the book first :)

This movie is inspired by a story written by the Cuban author Senel Paz, titled The Wolf, the Forest, and the New Man. I'm not sure if you can find it in English. 🤔

I already found it, yes.

Sure it will be. Garcia-Marquez is translated everywhere. And this sounds like a big one!

Not sure if it's as good a read when a book has been translated, really :|

About those Spanish lessons...


Just write to me on telegram, I now wear a cap and glasses. 😅


Me too :)

You should feel right at home!

I was referring to the photo on Telegram! Haha

Wow, it's really lucky and extraordinary to have cultural heritage that is still well preserved. The door to the past is here to peek into a more glorious future, is my expression regarding your post. Thank you for this wonderful treat. Greetings from Aceh Province, Indonesia.

I like this statement and I'm happy to have inspired you with it. Sending a hug from Havana. Thanks, @ichsannanda. 😇

You're welcome!!! Glad you like it.

These photos are fucking phenomenal.


🧐😅 thank you

Amo las antigüedades y la reliquias... creo que sería feliz recorriendo la viejas calles de tu Habana querida.

Y si es de la mano contigo mucho mejor.

Sé que esa es tu pasión 😍. Me imagino que estaríamos buen rato mirando las curiosidades de La Habana. Disculpa que demoré en responderte. Es que no ví este comentario 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Yo encantada de pasear junto a ti.


Quiza algún día la vida nos sorprenda💟

Jjj you didn't warn me, I was late to this post. I'm the girl, I can see the butterflies on my dress and I'm sorry for the 14 under my feet. We didn't get to have ice cream. Ah you don't know how much it cost me to comb that hair that the air wove at will and filled it with knots. You are so cool.

Bueno, quería que un día lo descubrieras tú 🤪.

I can imagine it because mine got full of knots too hahaha.... And how annoying it is for me to feel those pulls of the comb untangling knots in my hair.

You too! 😄😅