Building Requires having a Business

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We cannot all travel at the same speed either driving or running on foot. The level of everyone's ability differs. This is the case of this building. It started early last year and I have been monitoring its progress ever since. One major thing I noticed is the gradual progress. From the foundation level till now it has been amazing. Either an individual is wealthy or not. Proper planning before attempting to build is very important so as to avoid uncompleted building.

I do tell my friends before attempting to begin building ensure you have a business that generates income. As a salary earner it is better to buy a completed building than begin it because anything can happen to the company. Some will say "Don't be negative minded". My response is if a country can go on recession how much more a company.

Having a business is very crucial no matter what happens to the company you always have something to run back to before getting another job or waiting for the company to become better or even transferring all energy and resources to the business.


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