Black And White Photography by @redpalestino

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Hi all,

it's been a while since I published photography. It's about time.I have searched in my photo gallery and brought you the following pictures.





This work of art was created from old beverage cans.


I call this photo the "mask" thrown away and forgotten


The family temple of the Yap family in Penang.




I appreciate you looking at my pictures. See you next time.



Perfect shots for MonochromeMonday!

I think we will all be seeing more "mask"shots for quite some time!

The shot from Pàkse-Laos was definitely stunning the angle through which the shot was taken basically seem glorious and cover a lot of the details so far.

The work of art was created from old beverage cans is also beautiful. The light monochromic effect is more than beautiful.

Well-done my friend, beautiful captures so far wow

Super geile Bilder 👍

Wow, exelentes fotografias, el blanco y negro siempre fueron mis preferidas, gracias.

Wow.this is absolutely a clean good shot again I must confess. I will like to join this White and black Photography soon I promise. I love to snap in Black and White back in the days because it gives me more mature outfit. Check my profile soon. I will snap at random today. Thanks for Sharing my friend.

Die Fotos sind alle prima, aber die Maske springt mich regelrecht an. Was ist wohl mit dem Träger passiert? Von dem Bild ausgehend kann die Fantasie in tausend Richtungen wandern. SW induziert die Dramatik, die die Gedanken lenkt. Gut gemacht - aus einem Stück Müll wird Kunst. (LG)

Beautiful photos in black and white! I especially like the 2nd photo, the scenery of the river and the mountain and the bridge is wonderful. And the work of art that was created from old beverage cans is magnificent.

Great capture! ;)

I really liked your pictures, @redpalestinian. Thanks. I really like black and white photography. From the series you published, from all those amazing places, however I was very impressed by the photo of the mask on the floor. It speaks in a simple and beautiful way of the crisis and how unprotected we humans are.