I went for a walk, after it rained | Streets of Kerala | Monomad Challenge

This is my entry to the #monomad challenge. Street photography theme.

Hello friends, This will be my first post inside the Black and White community. Inside my first post, I will like to show you guys some of the images that I took today from nearby location to my house. The weather is so bad in Kerala right now, that it never stops raining . I waited for a long time for it to stop raining and these are some of the photos that I took.

I took this photo while I was going to my friend's house. I'm still an amateur level in the composition side of photography but I'm really good at the technical side of cameras like Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I think the composition side can be only improved by months and years of experience in taking photos.

I reached his house and I asked him if he want to go for a walk and he agreed to come. While he was changing, I went to see the newborn kittens at his house. The one at the back is Poppy, he is my cat. He is still too young to take home so I allowed him to stay with the other kittens.

I took some images of the cat.

While I was taking images of the other cats I saw this guy looking at me desperately for a photo. I didn't waste any time I took his photo also.

After taking the images of the kittens, we both started walking. I saw this reflection on the ground and I was curious about how it will turn out in monochrome. So I took a photo and it turned out really good.

On the way, we saw our friend's mother was feeding the chickens. So I went close to take a photo.

I didn't want to disturb them while they were eating, so we went out of that area after taking these images.

On the way, I saw these water flowing over the concrete road and it looked nice.

After walking for 2 minutes, we reached the main road and we saw that the street was empty due to the uncertain rain. Everyone was spending time in there house watching Tv and no one was on the road.

This dog saw us and came to us. The dog was very happy to see people.

Then we went to a factory near to our location, we had to take a shortcut for reaching there.

On the way, my friend showed me this cat sleeping inside a jeep. So I gently snapped a photo of him sleeping.

After walking for 5 minutes we reached the factory and saw the first person on this walk.

after taking some photos from the factory area, we started walking back to our house.

The place was so silent and cold. Thanks to god, it didn't rain while we were heading back.

While we were crossing a bridge near our house, we saw these kids catching fish. So I took a photo of them.

CameraCanon G7X Mark II
PhotograherSachin George

I took all of these images using my Canon G7X Mark II. I used a monochrome picture style inside the camera. None of these images are edited or cropped except the thumbnail image, all other images inside this blog are straight out of the camera.

So, that's all I have to share for today. Thank you for going through my post. Have a nice day.


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