MONOMAD: Morning in Lam Awe Fishing Village

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Pemandangan Desa Lam Awe.jpg

After visiting a few days ago, today we are back in this village to capture some beautiful pictures of the beach and the village. The weather today is very favorable, and it's not as cloudy as yesterday, so I can fly my drone at a good height.

Perahu Nelayan.jpg

Previously, my friend @vannour captured the view of the sea during bad weather with a dark sky, you can see it in his post.

Today, I will share some aerial pictures that I successfully captured using my drone. You can see the beautiful traditional fishing village and the activities of the fishermen as they return from fishing at sea.

Pemandangan Desa Lam Awe 2.jpg

Perahu Lam Awe 2.jpg

Perahu Lam Awe.jpg

Desa Lam Awe.jpg

Pulo Aceh.jpg

Just before I landed the drone due to low battery, I also took a photo together that morning. Here is the photo:


All pictures in this post taken using
the DJI Mini 2 SE drone.

Greetings from me @safar01


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