#MONOMAD Challenge The precision mechanics of time and horology

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#MONOMAD Challenge The precision mechanics of time and horology

Horology is the study and science of measuring time, as well as the art of making clocks, watches, and other devices used to tell time. Imagine horology as a giant puzzle where each piece is incredibly tiny and needs to fit perfectly with the others to make the whole picture work. This picture shows us the time of day, just like a watch on your wrist or a clock on the wall.

Each moving part plays an integral role in performing precision movement to create timing that we use in our everyday lives. Historically the watchmakers were some of the most important humans to walk our earth. The timepieces they created guided ships of world explorers and the clocks of some of the greatest architectural achievements in clock towers that still stand today.

Today our system of time is atomic and most of our electronic devices rely on this state of the art technology. The horology of yesteryear is becoming a lost art and the timepieces of the master watchmakers now demand extraordinary prices, but a price some are willing to pay for a fine work of precision.







The engineering on old clocks and watches is amazing. I have a little old clock that has the lever to adjust the speed. I'm not sure it can adjust enough these days to keep good time.

The old clocks kept good time, keeping them in good shape is an art form. There are still plenty of parts available for antique clock movements