MONOMAD Challenge Whats in Grandpa's Tool chest woodwork tools from the past

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MONOMAD Challenge

A few years back a friend of mine was cleaning out his condo locker and wanted me to take his fathers tool-chest and make use of the tools. Some of the old tools used in woodworking were hand made by the artisans and made from wood copper steel and various other materials depending on the type of tool. Various makers were quite elaborate in their designs.

Many of the old hand tools are still in use today by woodworkers that design and build period pieces and reproduction furniture. A lot of the vintage tools are highly sought after such as the old Stanley 45 planer routers. The art of fine furniture building is making a comeback with artisans that use only hand tools and no power tools to create their works of art.
tools-.jpg IMAGE Wood and brass measuring guide gauge early 1900's

tools-8.jpg IMAGE Stanley depth router hand tool 1940's

tools-0.jpg IMAGE Close up of Wood and brass measuring guide gauge early 1900's

tools-6.jpg IMAGE Steam engine calibration tools 1910 era

tools-7.jpg IMAGE Wood and steel marking tool early 1900's


tools-5.jpg IMAGE Stanley 45 wood plane router 1920's


tools-2.jpg IMAGE Machinist level 1930's
tools-3.jpg IMAGE Various measuring tools


Those old tools have charm. I've got a few I inherited.

Awesome, take up woodworking and create some unique wooden guitar picks 😎

Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, I will indeed!